A Mack Truck for Your Immune System!

Posted on Friday, December 12, 2014 in
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Our Immune System is Bombarded Everyday

America’s over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and a truly destructive modern-day dietary lifestyle has literally destroyed our natural immunity. No wonder overnight calamities like the Bird Flu and Swine Flu wipe out thousand upon thousands of people.

We wrote an in-depth report on this topic. If you missed it, read our article published on our website, What’s for dinner – Antibiotics!

While living in China studying traditional Chinese medicine many years ago, I noticed that almost no one ever came down with a cold and flu. It was practically unheard of.

I asked my professor about this and he responded the Chinese cook with and brew teas from “magic mushrooms” that boost the body’s immune response. He likened it to having a strong door on your house, where intruders could not get in.

When I came to the United States, I brought with me a notebook filled with research on how each of these mushroom worked, and put together a formula called Immune Support that is so incredible, we call it the Mack Truck of immune boosting formulations, because is THAT powerful.

“Don’t Wait Until You Are Thirsty to Dig a Well”
(old Chinese saying)

So many people are sick all the time, or worse they are in a dire fight for their life with a serious illness. The mad medico’s keep pumping people full of drugs and when that doesn’t work, they reach for chemotherapy and radiation, which destroys the very immune system that is struggling with all its might to fight the infection or disease that has taken hold. Where is the logic in that, I ask you?

Despite having more than 20% of the world’s population, the Chinese do not have the incidence of illness like Americans do. If they do get a cold or flu, it goes away in days instead of sticking around for weeks or months like it does here in America.

What is Their Secret?

Mushrooms! Medicinal Mushrooms with amazing healing powers.

Chinese medicine extends over 5000 years. Count all the zeroes will you, that’s Five Thousand, not a measly 120 years like in America. The Chinese observe “nature in action” and then apply it.

The power of these special mushrooms to boost the immune system to respond to everything from the common cold, deadly viruses, influenza attacks, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and even fatal cancers, is renowned in the world of alternative medicine.

These are not mushrooms you see in a supermarket or farmers market, they are gifts from the Creator of the universe:

  • Reishi has been shown to improve circulation, have activity against influenza and HSV-1 viruses and stabilize blood sugar levels. Reishi may also be useful for anxiety, high blood pressure, hepatitis, bronchitis and insomnia, allergies, autoimmune disorders, inhibit histamine release, improve oxygen utilization and lung function.
  • Maitake is an incredibly rich, juicy mushroom that help the body make Natural Killer Cells – the “front line defense” of our immune system – that seek out and devour abnormally growing cells that may lead to illness or cancer.
  • Shiitake is my favorite because it is the richest source of natural Vitamin D – the immune system’s super vitamin.
  • Chaga is a powerful immune system activator and antioxidant, stimulating the body’s ability to set up cellular defenses.
  • Agaricus is used to boost immune system response to infections and in Japan, Agaricus Blazei is the most popular alternative cancer treatment method.
  • Turkey Tail is a spectacular mushrooms that looks like a turkey’s tail of vibrant colors, telling you what splendor is hidden inside.

In addition to mushrooms, we added Una de Gato or Cat's Claw Bark, which is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, boosting immunity, supporting joint cartilage, protecting and repairing cellular DNA, and promoting healthy cell division!

We blend all these together with immune-boosting minerals Zinc and Selenium and Amlaki berry, nature's richest source of Vitamin C and powerful antioxidant for additional support of a strong defense system.

Pull up a chair and listen for a few minutes as I share the magic in the power of these mushrooms. I think you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll understand why we call this formula the Mack Truck of immune formulations.

Audio: Wayne Garland explaining the power of medicinal mushrooms

Immune Support - Your Personal Mack Truck!

Immune Support formula with Chinese Medicinal MushroomsIn addition to magic medicinal mushrooms, we hand selected supporting ingredients for their proven capabilities to stimulate our body’s natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease.

Immune Support is the Mack Truck of immune boosting formulas, delivering immediate and long lasting results. It’s so strong, it’s like having the famed Mayo Clinic in a bottle. I truly believe it is that good!

Immune Support naturally stimulates your natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease, so you can achieve Health Beyond Disease!

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