Testosterone Boost Herbal Cream Tube
  • Testosterone Boost Herbal Cream Tube
  • Testosterone Boost Herbal Cream Ingredients and Suggested Use instructions
  • 100% natural, topical formula.
  • Stimulates production of vital testosterone.
  • Enhances masculine body features.
  • Supports lean muscle development.
  • Increases libido.
  • Enhances sexual performance.
  • Boosts energy and stamina.
  • Promotes tight, youthful skin.
  • Reduces signs of aging. 
  • Required for maintaining bone density and blood sugar levels.
  • Helps restore normal testosterone levels.

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Testosterone Boost homeopathic cream for men is a unique topical formula that stimulates production of testosterone, the most important male hormone.

Testosterone is required for a healthy, vibrant libido, muscle mass, energy production and bone density. Testosterone also aids fat reduction, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure and helps prevent depression.

Testosterone Boost can also be effective for weight loss, aiding lean muscle development and body fat loss. Replacing fat with muscle mass makes your body healthier in innumerable ways - least of which is you look better!

*Results may vary. Testosterone Boost is not a substitute for a healthy diet and daily exercise to maintain proper body weight.

Suggested Usage: Apply 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. to thinner skin twice daily and 30 minutes before sexual activity. Use for 3 weeks on and 1 week off.
Bottle Size: 4 fl oz
Active Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Trillium Erectum, Potency Wood Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Orchic Substance, Mexican Wild Yam, Mexican Sarsaparilla, Boron (amino acid chelate), Potentilla Erecta, Nettle Leaf.
Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Almond Oil, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Sodium Hydroxide, Grape Seed Extract.

Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

I like the results!


Seems to give me more stamina in the bedroom as well in my workouts, I notice that I seem to have more energy after work now, I would recommend it.

Testosterone Boost


The product is great! However, I definitely do not like the container that it is coming in doesn't always work well. Last three (3) I had to open the bottom up and push the plastic up so you could use the product,and sometimes had to do it two or three times later. Wish you would go back to the tube.


Increased Muscle Development and Fast Recovery!


I’ve been using the Testosterone Cream for 4 months now. I workout daily and have noticed a significant increase in muscle development and my recovery time is very quick, as if I am in my 20's. My libido is sky-high and as a bonus, I've lost 2" off my waist!

Spring Grove, PA

My Testosterone Levels Increased Significantly!


As I approach 40, I wanted to get my baseline hormone levels tested. My first testosterone test was okay but not great. Total testosterone was 714 and free testosterone was 75, not too bad but there was definitely room for improvement.

After 3 months of using the Testosterone Boost cream and taking DIM, my total testosterone increased to 1,284 (+540) and my free testosterone up to 123.5 (+48). That’s a huge jump in a short period of time! Needless to say my doctor was pretty shocked.

I've noticed increased energy, libido, lean mass and improved body composition. On a more personal note, I’m feeling a bit more confident than before. I’m walking a little taller and when I’m exercising I have more drive (some circles refer to it as an Alpha feeling).

I can feel the Testosterone Boost cream working within minutes of applying. I’m sure as the DIM continues to free up more of the testosterone, the results will continue to compound.