Support for a Strong Immune System Response

  • Beneficial for boosting white blood cell, and particularly T-cell, activity in defense against cold and flu bugs, airborne and/or surface contact allergens
  • Kit contains 4 essential formulas for a strong immune system response
  • Support for clearing phlegm and mucous, easing congestion and increasing oxygen transfer in the lungs
  • Includes Organic Medicinal Mushrooms revered for a myriad of benefits

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The Winter Wellness Kit bundle contains the 4 essential formulas for supporting your entire immune system, boosting white blood cells, in particular the fighter T-cells that provide the body's first line of defense of foreign invaders.

Four powerful formulas for promoting a strong immune system to help you breeze through cold and flu season with nary a sniffle, and all year 'round!

  • Immune Support - the Mack Truck of immune formulas with revered organic Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Shark Liver Oil - Shark's have the strongest immune system of any animal on the planet due to a special compound called alkoxyglycerol, that ironically is also found in mother's breast milk for building her newborn child's immunity
  • Ultra D3 - combining high potency vitamin D with vitamin K2, antioxidants A,C,E and vital co-factors to activate T-cell signals and a myriad of other defense actions
  • Respiratory Lung Health - aid in clearing phlegm and mucous, enhancing the uptake of oxygen by the lungs. Also fabulous for airborne allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia and any type of chest congestion.

All of our formulas are suitable for children, reduce serving size accordingly for weight. If your child is uncomfortable swallowing a capsule, open it and mix into unsweetened applesauce or juice. The Shark Liver Oil gelcap can be bitten in the mouth to release the oil and then the gelcap can be spit out.

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
Pensacola, Florida

Winter Wellness Kit - Great Products!

I've taken this for years (> 5 years), never had a flu shot even though I have been around people who have been sick, and I have stayed well. These are great products!

Breezy Point, NY

Winter Wellness Kit


I would recommend taking these wonderful products to help optimize your body during the awful flu season, especially since it's been said that the flu shot isn't effective.