50 Cents a Day Flu Shot

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 in
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It's a Miracle in a Bottle!"

One of the biggest secrets withheld in fighting the flu is a simple, inexpensive way to turbo-charge your immune system and banish the flu from your body forever.

This simple trick is the use of the miraculous, sunshine Vitamin D3.

Your body actually makes vitamin D from sunshine, but this time of year it is nearly impossible to get enough sunshine for your immune system to function properly, which is why fall is when Flu season starts, winter when it kicks into high gear, and then by April when the sun rises in the horizon, begins to fade away.

You'll want to take more than the paltry RDA of 400 iu's per day though. Your body can make about 15,000 iu's of vitamin D in just 30 minutes of sun exposure during summer months. I personally take between 5,000 - 10,000 iu's each day.

"Dear Wayne, I have been taking your Winter Wellness Kit for the past 240 days. I work in a public building and have been around sick and ill people and have not gotten sick at all. I'm very amazed of how healthy I've been while taking your products and recommend them to everyone!
- Roland S.

How Vitamin D Works

The body fights all viral infections with tiny little warriors, called "T-cells". These are the foot soldiers of your immune system. They fight your battles and turn the enemy away. But guess what, without vitamin D, your T-cells are absolutely and utterly useless. It's as if the D3 turns on the light switch of the immune system.

This is why people take all kinds of flu remedies and spend a fortune on everything the media pushes, including the flu shot, and still get sick. Why? There is no vitamin D in a flu vaccine - or any of the other useless stuff people try!

We have preached the need for daily D3 for years now, and our customers are the smart ones who have benefited from it, telling us they no longer get the cold or the flu!

Don't Underestimate this Year's Flu - It's a Killer

Over 20 innocent children have already been killed by this flu and it's only going to get worse as winter worsens.

I think flu shots are pathetic, as it is always derived from previous years' virus. How can it be truly effective when it's already out of date?

Get Our Wellness Kit and Beat the Flu Today!

Our Winter Wellness Kit gives you the protection you need against any cold or flu virus coming your way.

  • Shroom Supreme contains 8 organic medicinal mushrooms revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine for boosting immunity, along with Astragalus root, one of the most powerful immune-building herbs on the planet and probiotics to further support immune system health
  • Shark Liver Oil is such an incredible immune booster. Sharks have the strongest immune system of any animal on the planet and the oil from shark's liver has the ability to boost your white blood cels.
  • Ultra D3 contains 5,000 iu of vitamin D3, along with important co-factor minerals and antioxidant vitamins A,C, E to super-boost absorption and support vitamin D in turning on the receptors for immune system T-cells.
  • Respiratory Lung Health helps to clear phlegm and mucous when you have congestion, and also terrific for airborne allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia and any type of congestion.

Winter Wellness Kit for powerful Immune System supportSuggested Usage: Recommendations based upon body weight of 150lbs, adjust accordingly.

For Children: All of our formulas are suitable for children, adjust serving size accordingly. If they are uncomfortable swallowing a capsule, open the capsule and mix the powder in unsweetened applesauce or juice.

With the Shark Liver Oil, you can pierce the softgel and squeeze out the oil, or they can bite the softgel in their mouth to release the oil and then spit out the gelcap.

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