Bill Gates, Ebola, the Flu - and You

Posted on Friday, November 7, 2014 in
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The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene conference Bill Gates attended, and spoke about the Ebola crisis and the massive lack of preparedness of the world for a global epidemic.

"The world as a whole doesn’t have the preparedness for epidemics, and we’ve had a few flu scares that got us to do some minor things, but not enough," he said. “If this thing had been twice as transmissive, we’d be in a lot of trouble, and there are agents that have a real chance of coming on in the next several decades that are far more transmissive than this is. What’s to stop some form of SARS showing up?”

No one from West Africa was admitted to the conference because of the risk, and what Mr. Gates should have talked about was the lack of 2 essentials that could limit the spread of this, and every other potential global epidemic.

If West Africans knew about Vitamin D and Shark Liver Oil

Things would be much, much different! It's nearly impossible to get sick when you load your body with these super-powerful, immune boosters.

The key to superior immune system strength and speed of reaction to a virus entering your body and your airstream, is this crucial fact:

Without vitamin D, our immune system is handicapped, and cannot respond. You see, the D3 works like a light switch to turn on the body's T-cells. T-cells are our foot soldiers that go into battle to fight infections and viruses, and this is exactly why so many young men and women were lost needlessly during the AIDS crisis.

No T Cells, No Life.

A major 15 year study in Scandinavia found that high D3 levels in the bloodstream instantly turned on the T Cells, and BINGO, the immune system is activated. This is still not a widely known fact, even in medical circles, and this is also why D3 levels are so important to fight horrors like HIV/AIDS, the Flu and Ebola.

Vaccines do not contain any vitamin D. Now ponder that a moment.

That means the vaccines cannot work as they can never activate our basic defenses!

If Bill Gates, the richest man in the world is listening right now, please get out your checkbook and donate a million bottles of our Ultra D3 formula to the Ebola Crisis Center in Liberia, Sierra Leone and all of West Africa.

Along with a clean hands and a no kissing campaign, vitamin D can boost immunity, and help to contain continuing transmission.

We carry two unique Vitamin D products I strongly suggest everyone take all year round.

  • Ultra D3 (avail in 120 or 60 veggie capsules) is our best selling, high potency vitamin D formula with vitamin K, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Kids love our Vitamin D3 gelcap formula they can bite open the gelcap to release the oil, then spit out the gelcap.

We also created a Winter Wellness Kit containing the 4 essential formulas for boosting your immune and respiratory systems to battle colds, flu and more this winter; Ultra D3, Shark Liver Oil, Immune Support and Respiratory Lung Health and wholesale priced so you can protect you and your loved ones.

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