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Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011 in
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Health Beyond Disease

What if you could raise your body's energetic vibration to such a high level that your body cannot possibly get sick, and instead attracts health and well being, living a long, vibrant life, free of disease or disability?

For more than 25 years now, I have been on a relentless search for the keys to full genetic life potential, so that no one need suffer from any disease, and achieve this without outrageously expensive health care, unnecessary surgery, and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Every split second, your body repairs damaged cells, nerves, and neurons, working to prevent any disease from starting in the first place. I witnessed this first-hand in my journey around the world, searching for answers to my diagnosis of terminal cancer. I was the guinea pig, the canary in the coal mine of life to find out what the body needs to overcome disease.

At the time, I wasn't into alternative medicine at all. I was a business analyst working for major corporations when I suddenly was told I had no more than six months to live. Even the doctors said that chemo and radiation would not work.

So I turned my life upside down. I decided to spend the last six months they gave me and searched for an answer. I had nothing else to do!

Why Don't Doctors Tell Us This?

Like a dogged detective, I followed every hint and clue to overcoming cancer. I went to India, Pakistan and Hunza, Bhutan and Tibet, South Korea, China. Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. I went anywhere I could where people were living longer, long lives, disease free.

I unearthed some fantastic insights on how to trigger the body to overcome illness and defeat any disease.

Along this long (and at times lonely) road full of incredible learning experiences and friendships with amazing healers, I found what I think is the answer to all health and healing and happiness. I learned how to trigger the body to become the doctor of our own body, how to return to the abundant health of your birth, when you first arrived, ready to achieve your potential.

The best doctor for your body is not a medical doctor,
the best doctor is your very own body.

This philosophy is startlingly simple, but genius in its underlying intelligence. And I believe, simple to achieve.

Over the years, I've shared this philosophy with anyone and everyone who would listen. Recently I was invited to be a speaker in a teleconference series on natural health and healing. Click on the audio player above to hear my interview.

I also was invited to be a keynote speaker at another conference. Click here to watch the video recording of my Body as Doctor presentation

You Can Live to 100!

Okinawa ProgamThe most fabled place I went to was to the Okinawan islands in the Sea of Japan. These people do live seemingly forever! And it's been chronicled in a landmark research study The Okinawa Program. Everyone should read this book.

In Okinawa, the occurrence of heart disease is one fifth that of America. The rate of breast, ovarian and prostate cancers is less than a quarter of American levels. The number of centenarians (people living past 100 years of age) is six times that of the United States!

Most important, Okinawan's have the world's longest disability-free life expectancy. If Americans lived more like the Okinawans, 80 percent of the nation's coronary care units, one-third of the cancer wards and a vast majority of nursing homes would be shut down.

Be Contagiously Healthy

The common denominator of all the places I went to that generated such longevity and freedom from disease? In every single place where such longevity was commonplace and accepted, the people had an abundance of trace minerals in their drink and their food.

These minerals I subsequently found, were the basis for all life, allowing their bodies to achieve its true genetic potential. In Okinawa, in the Vilcabamba of Ecuador, in the Caucasian mountains of Georgia, their soil and water are rich in minerals. In Hunzaland they call it Glacier Milk or the Milk of Mother Earth.

Key to Health and Healing BookWhat I found through my studies was that the body is made up of organs that are miniature factories. In every instance, the foreman of each factory, of each organ, is a mineral. Without the foreman (the mineral) to give direction, the factory workers don't know what to do. The workers are vitamins, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes. But these are useless unless the foreman, the minerals, are there to tell them what to do.

And this is where all disease gets its start. I talk about this in more detail in my book, The Key to Health and Healing.

In our grandparent's time, they had big gardens, and the food was grown and consumed locally, with neighbors sharing the bounty of their harvest. The food was rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other vital nutrients for the body to nourish and repair itself.

But today, our food is grown on huge factory farms where the soil is devoid of minerals and nutrients. It's processed, pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals. Is it any wonder disease is rampant in our society?

I could go on and on. Listen to the audio or watch my video presentation to understand how to call your own body into action. If you have a specific health condition, contact our Customer Support team at (877) 975-9080 to schedule a private consultation.

Here's to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland

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