Emperor’s Chi – The Ultimate Herbal Tonic

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 in
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A Chinese Herbal Tonic Like No Other

When people ask me about our Emperor’s Chi formula, I always think of Alice in Wonderland, when she couldn’t resist the bottle of mysterious liquid marked, “Drink me!” – then, she fell down the rabbit’s hole, and the adventure began.

The Chinese herbs used are a ‘who’s who’ of near hallucinogenic, mind altering, sex drive boosting and life lengthening ever to be distilled into a tonic and bottled.

The Institute of Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, where I studied for

over 4 years, is the oldest medical university in China. Emperor’s Chi was the pinnacle – the crème de la crème – of all the tonic herbs.

This tonic was the inspiration for our message of Contagious Health.

The Chinese believe the entire Universe is permeated by an inextricable force or power and the densest concentration of this force and power is the human body. Chinese health specialists have studied the effects of herbs on the human body for thousands of years and according to traditional Chinese principle, there are believed to be three primary types of energy:

  • Ching – the primal energy
  • Chi – the functional energy
  • Shen – the emotional, mental and spiritual energy

Of these three energies, Chi, is one’s essence, life force, or human spirit.

Emperor’s Chi – The Inscrutably Intelligent Beverage

Emperor’s Chi is an extraordinary herbal tonic based upon this traditional wisdom of Chinese medicine, herbalism and the philosophy that optimum health is a balance of energies as well as fusion of the body, mind and spirit.

Virtually every aspect of a person’s energy system, be it genetic, sexual, emotional, psychic, physical, or intellectual, is enhanced by consuming Emperor’s Chi on a daily basis.

Delicious as an alternative to traditional tea drinks, Emperor’s Chi is a highly concentrated herbal beverage you can drink undiluted to experience it’s full flavor or mix 1 oz (2 Tablespoons) of Chi in 6-8 ounces of hot filtered water or in hot or cold green tea.

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