Hormone Nightmare in Children

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 in
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Childhood Hormonal Imbalance is Now Commonplace

I am observing boys and girls 8-10 years old with underarm hair, breast development and mood swings like a hurricane. What's causing all this? Junk food hamburgers, fried chicken and especially cheese-laden pizzas loaded with growth hormones being used by producers. Add to that xenoestrogens now in water, air, and mass produced plastics, and the stage is set for your child's hormones to go crazy!

What can you do?

Be diligent in your efforts to remove empty foods from your child's life. When cooking your own meals, limit meat and ban ALL dairy products - they are meant to pack pounds on a baby cow, not a human being. Switch to organic almond milk or coconut milk (my favorite), hemp milk or the new flax seed milk. If you consume meat, make it organic, grass-fed beef or wild-caught salmon. Introduce more plant-strong meals with salads, grains and homemade soups.

Finally, add supplements that will assist in keeping their hormones balanced and give them the additional nutrition their growing bodies need.

What is at the Root of Hormone Imbalance?

While most of us think about the raging hormones of teenagers, hormones are present in a child's body from birth. It's when these hormones become out of balance that we start to see young children having issues with excessive weight gain, underarm hair growth and developing breasts.

Heading into their teens these problems persist and then can be compounded further with severe mood swings, even to the point of anger, anxiety, or depression. Your child can feel like they're living in a nightmare.

Many factors are involved, from chemicals in the water, and dangerous ingredients that are found in water bottles, cans, non-stick pans and even microwave popcorn.

Could your food be altering your child's hormones?

Between added growth hormones in animal farming to GMO production in our grains, there is strong evidence that this is leading to a country filled with young people whose hormones are out of balance.

There are frightening reports out there, such as babies growing breasts due to formula with bovine growth hormones in it. Can you trust any facet of the food industry to have your child's best interest at heart?

Growth Hormones and GMO's harm your family at far greater levels than the food industry is willing to admit. What they continually express as being safe is actually far from it.

We hear the horror stories of kids who start their day with an energy drink, loaded with caffeine equivalent to 7 cups of coffee, and a GMO-laden granola bar for lunch. Their hormones don't have a fighting chance. Not only that, but kids are dying from these drinks! Click here to learn more about the dangers of energy drinks.

Health starts in your Gut

Make Probiotics Your Child's New Best Friend

When it comes to elevating health, good bacteria called probiotics are essential for well-being. Beneficial microbes metabolize and recycle hormones, including estrogen, thyroid hormones, and phytoestrogens.

Probiotics play a major role in helping to maintain hormonal balance in women from the teenage menstruating years to the postmenopausal years. When gut balance is out of balance, hormone imbalance can result.

Probiotic Max - 25 Billion good bacteria for your gutPro-Biotic Max contains a high quality spectrum of 25 Billion live probiotics or friendly bacteria per capsule to support gastrointestinal health, promoting the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and intestines, as well as improve elimination of toxic compounds.

Healthy people usually have a ratio of approximately 85% good to 15% potentially harmful organisms in the intestinal tract. Daily exposure to environmental toxins such as chlorinated water, meat, dairy and antibiotics change the optimal microbial balance essential for good health.

Pro-Biotic Max contains a blend of 10 different probiotic strains totaling 25 billion live bacteria per capsule at time of manufacturing.

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