Miracle of Life: the 3rd Coming

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 in
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The Most Extraordinary Nutraceutical Formula

Miracle of Life is the crystallization of all my work in natural health and healing these past 25 years.

The idea for the product came from a period of deep contemplation and Eastern meditation using principles and techniques I learned while in the high mountain village of Shimla in northern India and at the Drum Mountain Monastery outside of Shanghai, China.

The formula literally jumped out of my head and wrote itself on my notepad.

Miracle of Life - the Ultimate Longevity formulaMiracle of Life now incorporates a special type of red algae calcium called Algas Calcareas, found growing in shallow reef beds in the ocean waters of the South Atlantic near Brazil.

It totally outperforms any Calcium supplement available, but it's true genius lies in how it combines with vitamin D and K to generate the body's own production of an ultra-powerful, natural chemotherapeutic compound called Calcitriol.

I'll be writing about this new addition next week with a full and detailed briefing. I think it portends a new paradigm in natural healing medicine.

(UPDATE: Click here to read Your Body Makes Chemo.)

This is One Very Smart Formula

A doctor friend at a hospital in Chicago says it is like nutritional acupuncture.

Acupuncture is treasured in Chinese medicine for facilitating electrical communication within the body through the application of tiny needles inserted at specific meridian points on the body. The practice has been used for thousands of years to treat all manner of health conditions. Even the American National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes its powers.

My friend says he is getting exceptional results with it, as in his opinion, Miracle of Life is literally reading the body and stimulating the cellular communication where the body needs it most. That's why some people take it and get gigantic energy, while others experience relaxation, focus, concentration and the deepest sleep patterns they've ever experienced.

Quite amazing!

But this electronic reading ability is only part of the entire Miracle of Life formula. Around the electronic core or heart of the formula, the ionized minerals and trace minerals, so vital for life to be maintained, we then encircled this core with an amazing laundry-list of compounds to address all health concerns.

Miracle of Life Does More than 10 Supplements Combined

  • At the core of the formula are the ionic minerals electronically charged and identical to blood plasma we described last week in You are an Ocean.
  • Micro-milled Chlorella, rich in Chlorophyll which is identical to hemoglobin in the blood. Amino acids, 24 of them, which are the building blocks of protein and essential for the brain to operate, think, sleep, create. Read The Amazing 101 Year Old Man to learn more.
  • Pantothenic Acid, the incredible B-vitamin that the Smithsonian Institute said was the crucial ingredient for life to be created in the ancient oceans. Without it, intelligence cannot be formed in a new cell.
  • Niacin, the blockbuster B-Vitamin to refresh the brain and boost circulation and aid in lowering blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D3, I call this miracle nutrient God's Vitamin for its impact on bones, the heart, brain and major disease conditions like cancer and diabetes. When mixed with high potency Calcium, vitamin D triggers the body to make its very own chemotherapeutic drug called Calcitriol
  • Potassium, the brain mineral and needed to partner with Magnesium to create each and every heartbeat. Very important if you want to stay alive! Also needed for energy and brain function.
  • From India comes Ashwaganda with powerful adaptogenic properties in the Ayurvedic medicine kingdom. Your mind will never be the same again.
  • Also from India, is an herb of immense power called Holy Basil (aka Tulsi), considered the Queen of Herbs in Ayurveda. Tulsi aids the body in managing physical and emotional stress, helping to lower high cortisol levels. It also is a superb blood-sugar normalizing herb and anti-inflammatory to reduce pain anywhere in the body.
  • Calcium, in the special, ocean sources plant form called Algas Calcaras™ I mentioned above.

All of this in just one extraordinary formula. That is why it is called Miracle of Life. It's an entire nutritional system in one.

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