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Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 in
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Menopause Is a Natural Cycle of Life

Two things really annoy me. The first is that people die needlessly.

The second is that women are living with preventable symptoms of hormone imbalances, especially menopause. We can't stop menopause - who would even want to? There are so many beautifully amazing things about women becoming more comfortable in their own skin.

What if I told you it is absolutely possible to go through your entire life without experiencing effects of menopause, PMS, temper tantrums, crying fits, thyroid imbalance, sleepless nights, chronic fatigue or osteoporosis?

Prescription hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs given to women today often makes the situation worse. For a detailed review of the background and dangers of HRT, read The Hidden, Ugly Truth About HRT.

Xenoestrogens Create an Estrogen Dominance Imbalance

Menopause is a normal, necessary passage in life, but the hot flashes, sleeplessness, irritability, loss of libido and other symptoms can make you feel like you are going crazy!

Women don't need to be medicated or cured from menopause. It simply is a time of change - a change that can be supported with diet and an understanding of how your hormones are being thrown out of balance.

The trigger for menopause is hormonal change, and unlike men whose hormone production begins to slowly decline around 30, female hormonal production stays relatively consistent until approaching menopause, when it drops dramatically.

In addition, we all are bombarded with estrogens from our environment. These xenoestrogens attach to the same hormone receptor sites as natural estrogen, interrupting hormone balance, producing symptoms such as PMS, heavy periods, mood swings, PCOS, fibroids, etc.

Xenoestrogens are everywhere - in the foods we eat, the shampoos we use, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Estrogen dominance is very common in situations where:

  • conventional HRT is being used with high amounts of estrogen combined with progestins, rather than progesterone.
  • peri-menopause is occurring, where follicle dysfunction prior to the end of menses, where the woman stops ovulating and progesterone levels fall drastically.
  • birth control pills have been used - these toxic bombs cause a woman's own hormone factory to stop producing hormones naturally.
  • hysterectomy surgery to stop excessive bleeding or fibroid cysts.
  • post-menopause particularly when estrogen is prescribed without progesterone to balance it.

Many doctors still believe menopausal symptoms are caused by estrogen deficiency and so they prescribe estrogen. When these women return suffering from uterine fibroids, breast, cervical and/or uterine cancer, fibrocystic breasts, PMS, pre-menopausal bone loss and osteporosis, in nearly all cases, it is because of excess estrogen!

We regularly stress the importance of detoxification and weight loss, but many women find it absolutely impossible to lose weight until their hormonal imbalance is resolved.

The good news is that all these symptoms of estrogen dominance can be stopped or even reversed, naturally, without prescription drugs!

Natural, bio-identical USB Progesterone changes the way women go through every hormonal stage of life, because progesterone is what your body is craving to end the destructive emotional and physical roller coaster of estrogen dominance.

Bio-Identical USP Progesterone CreamEven if you are young and menopause is decades away, all-natural Progesterone BOOSTcan be beneficial, helping to support your natural hormone balance:

  • maintain healthy secretory endometrium
  • protect itself against breast fibrocysts
  • flush out excess water and guard against bloating and water weight gain
  • fight depression and anxiety
  • fights cyclical migraines
  • promote normal sleep patterns
  • facilitate thyroid hormone function
  • normalize blood sugars and blood clotting
  • boost libido, restoring healthy sexual function
  • restore cellular oxigenation
  • improve memory

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All the women say the same thing after trying all-natural USP Progesterone Boost:

"I wish I had started using this sooner!"

Progesterone BOOST is part of our trio of extraordinary hormone balancing products including Balanced Woman and DIM.

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