Sharks Don't Get Cancer - Video

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 in
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Live as Long as a Shark

As many of you know, I devour every tiny tidbit of information about treating and preventing cancer.

Deep within ourselves we all know there has to be a cure out there, or at the very least, an answer to the terrifying tragedy of getting cancer.

When I first was told by a leading marine scientist, Dr. John Croft of New Zealand, who has led the world in the medicinal study of the shark species, that shark’s just don’t get cancer, that news literally floored me.

Inside the shark's immune system is a brutally efficient and powerful immune system compound called Alkyglycerol or AKG, for short. This compound, also found in mother's breast milk by the way, is the key to the shark's amazing longevity, as it has far outlived the dinosaurs and their lifespan exceeds our own by 25 years.

Was this the great missing link in the treatment and prevention of cancer and all immune system diseases?

Watch today's video and you be the judge and jury on this matter.

Decades ago, marine biologists discovered an amazing species of deep-water sharks inhabiting non-polluted oceans and possessing a superior immune system resistant to many of the diseases that plague mankind.

Further research over the next 20 years unveiled that these remarkable mammals carried up to a gallon or more of golden-hued liver oil, which contained potent Alkoxyglycerols and Squalene. These precious constituents, when ingested orally by humans, activate and enhance the our body's immune defense system, stimulating the formation of antibodies and thus increasing the number of white blood cells, killer cells, and thrombocytes in our blood.

Today, a strong immune system is essential for good health.

Shark Liver Oil immune boosting formulaFrom the pristine, unpolluted waters of Antarctica and New Zealand, Super AKG Shark Liver Oil enhances the human body's lymphatic immune defense system by stimulating the formation of antibodies, thus increasing the number of white blood cells.

The alkoxyglycerols and squalene contained in our Shark Liver Oil formula are of the highest concentration and purity available. The technology employed by a renowned Norwegian laboratory is a proprietary process for extracting shark liver oil without the use of heat or chemicals. The process safeguards the purity and potency, making it one of the most effective immune boosting products on the market today.

IMPORTANT: We do not kill sharks for the purpose of harvesting the oil from their liver. The oil is a by product from sharks which are caught, along with many other species of fish, as a source of food.

If you would like to learn even more about the amazing benefits of Shark Liver Oil, read my in-depth article, Shark Attacks the FLU!

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