The Crisis of Masculinity

Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2013 in
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Will the Real Men Please Stand Up!

Over the last several years, I've been greatly concerned as I've read a plethora of research studies and articles written on the decline of masculinity and fertility and increasing male menopausal symptoms.

Of course, our culture is changing and evolving, but men are, according to research studies, growing weaker and less virile than in generations before.

Recently, I read a research article saying essentially that men are the weaker sex. Here's the depressing laundry list:

  • Men are more likely develop coronaries
  • Men are more like to have strokes
  • Men are more likely to be obese
  • Men are 70 percent more likely than women to die of cancer
  • Men are experiencing rapidly declining fertility rates due to low sperm counts
  • Man-boobs are increasing as obesity numbers increase
  • Man-opause, or male menopause, is becoming THE research topic of the new millenium. Men are suffering with debilitating hormonal imbalances.

To put a final nail in the coffin, the studies also say men are more likely to commit suicide. This is frightening.

But if that wasn't enough, there was an extraordinary article in Salon magazine highlighting their interview with Australian Anthropologist Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology: The Science of Why the Modern Male is Not the Man He Used to Be. The article exclaimed: Modern men are puny compared to the great men of the past.

McAllister explained that traditional physical power has become less important to our society, and therefore, the "real markers" of masculinity have become less important. The visual signs of manliness - strength and muscle development - have become far less prominent. The bottom line, says McAllister, masculinity is in crisis!

The article didn't give any real solutions to address the problem, and won't be able to offer a solution until they address the real, underlying problem!

A toxic overabundance of estrogen is the real culprit and no amount of dieting and exercise will ever completely solve the problem.

Male Menopause: Myth or Reality

According to the Mayo Clinic, male menopause or andropause, sometimes referred to as manopause, is described as decreasing testosterone levels due to aging.

Hormone changes are a very natural part of aging, and unlike the very dramatic hormone plunge women experience, manopause occurs more gradually over a period of many years. The effects on men, such as decreased sexual function, energy levels and mood, are subtle and may even go unnoticed.

Testosterone levels vary among men, but in general, they gradually decline about 1% per year after the age of 30. By age 70 this decrease can be as much as 50%! That is shocking!

Most men tend to pay very little attention to the subtle changes happening to their bodies and probably wouldn't do anything even if they did notice. They continue to gain weight, be depressed and just live with the sexual dysfunction.

Others listen to their bodies and notice the erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, infertility, changing sleep patterns, weight gain, swollen man-boobs, and emotional changes like decreasing self-confidence - who wouldn't have low self-confidence with all THIS going on! - and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

The first thing every man, regardless of age, needs to do is take charge of their life and realize low testosterone and high, toxic levels of estrogen go hand in hand. There is hope!

What Does Estrogen Have to do with Men?

Men over 50 years old literally have higher estrogen levels than their post-menopausal wives! Frightening, huh?

Estrogen dominance is a primary driver of why men get fat, grow man boobs, lose their sex drive and virility, suffer from prostate disease, and lose their hair. (Does this describe anyone you know?)

Hyper-estrogen levels in men are due to the same causes as for women - gobbling down animal fats in the form of bacon and eggs, ham, burgers, drinking beer, consuming dairy products, and not getting enough dietary fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables.

All these choices cause unwanted hormone explosions in the body, even triggering breast cancer in men! It's getting worse by the day.

FACT: All American men will end up with man boobs, prostate cancer and horrific man-opause if they live long enough. All of them - unless, of course, they do something about it.

Could You Have Low Testosterone?

The only foolproof way to determine your actual testosterone levels is to have saliva testing done. Take this brief quiz to determine if you may have low testosterone levels. Write down your answers and follow the directions below to learn your score.

  • Do you have less libido (sex drive)?
  • Do you have low energy? Have you lost weight?
  • Have you noticed a decreased enjoyment in life?
  • Are you sad and/or grumpy?
  • Have you lost height?
  • Are your erections not as strong?
  • Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  • Are you falling asleep after dinner?
  • Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?

If you answer yes to questions 1 or 7 or any 3 other questions, you may have low testosterone. If you haven't watched TV or listened to radio, you probably are unaware that low testosterone and Low-T Centers are popping up everywhere!

We believe our low testosterone protocol is the finest available in the world. We focus on first, flushing out the toxic estrogen from receptors and then increasing testosterone levels organically and 100% all-naturally.

DIM and Testosterone Boost to Naturally Increase Testosterone

DIM is the newest member to our supplement family. In a recent newsletter, Miracle Estrogen Reset for Men AND Women, we addressed how DIM works to help protect your body from cancer.

DIM Estrogen Metabolism formulaDIM is truly a miracle formula, fending off cancer assaults and helping your body eliminate active estrogen from by promoting the conversion of toxic estrogen into "good" metabolites.

These metabolites go on to free up testosterone by knocking it off of the testosterone-binding proteins where they live. The result? Healthier balance of testosterone to estrogen and more free testosterone circulating in the body.

Scientific studies have shown high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen have been linked to lean body mass, an efficient fat-burning metabolism, and low abdominal obesity. Other benefits from testosterone are improved mood, increased libido, and better physical conditioning.

Another benefit of DIM? Along with healthy diet and exercise, DIM provides improved estrogen metabolism, resulting in direct and indirect support for more efficient weight training - You can FINALLY gain the strength and lean muscle you may have already tried to achieve without DIM!

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Team DIM with Testosterone Boost to Maximize Your Results!

I've been using Testosterone Boost for 3 months and have noticed a significant increase in my ability to push harder in workouts AND recover faster, my libido has definitely increased and I'm losing fat on my stomach and back of my hips.
- Dale Aychman, CO

In aging men, a large percentage of estradiol (or estrogen) is synthesized in abdominal adipose (fat) tissues. Reducing belly fat has huge health benefits, one being a lowered estradiol level.

One of the most effective ways for men to reduce belly fat is to restore their free testosterone to youthful ranges. As men grow older their testicular testosterone production declines and inhibiting aromatase might not sufficiently maintain testosterone levels because not enough is being produced internally.

Testosterone Boost creamFortunately, we have a bio-available cream you rub onto your skin for transdermal absorption directly into the bloodstream.

Testosterone Boost is a 100% natural, topical formula that stimulates production of vital testosterone, the most important male hormone.

Testosterone enhances all sorts of masculine body features. It supports lean muscle development, increases libido and enhances performance, boosts energy and stamina, promotes tight, youthful skin and reduces signs of aging. Testosterone is required for maintaining bone density and blood sugar levels as well as creating a more positive outlook on life!

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Why experts say men are the weaker sex: By Michelle Roberts Health reporter, BBC News

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