Replacement Countertop Metal Diverter Hose

  • Metal diverter for longer life
  • 36" high-temperature hose
  • Heavy duty Quick Connect inserts with release collar

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Flexible high temperature replacement hose and metal diverter assembly for Countertop water filtration systems with quick connect fittings.

To remove your broken or old diverter hose assembly, do not forcefully pull the hose connectors from the back of your water filter. Use a butter knife or long, slender tool to push in the retaining collet to release tension on the barbs holding the hose connectors, and gently pull the hose out.

NOTE: If you have a countertop manufactured by Equinox in the 90's, the hose inserts on these filters have a slightly larger diameter and this replacement diverter hose will not fit.

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Breezy Point, NY

Divertor Hose


I believe these water filters are top of the line. They may be more expensive short term, however, they pay for themselves long term. Having quality filtered water is key to helping our bodies balance.