Manage Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

  • All-natural formulation for insulin-resistance from prolonged, excessive sugar consumption leading to Type 2 diabetes
  • Aids glucose metabolism, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Contains ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal herbs plus pancreas-supporting minerals for normal insulin response
  • Hear Wayne Garland share the benefits of Diabesity in the audio below

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Diabetes was once unheard of in our society, yet nearly 10% of Americans adults now have diabetes. Even more alarming is the rate of diabetes in our children, having increased more than 20% in the past 15 years. Why? Too much sugar!

We need help, but not from dangerous drugs and insulin injections. The body can control, and completely reverse Type 2 diabetes when given the proper support of a sugar managed diet and pancreas rejuvenatory herbs and minerals.

DiaBesity is the first all-natural formulation developed to address not just diabetes, but insulin-resistance, the body's over-production of insulin caused by prolonged, excessive sugar consumption.

With revered Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal herbs, plus key pancreas-supporting minerals Chromium, Selenium and Vanadium, DiaBesity supports natural glucose metabolism and insulin response, aiding the body in naturally lowering blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:


This is an good product with noticeably good results.

Bonney Lake, WA


I got this for husband, who is dealing with waking up a lot thru out the night, as well as being very moody. He is dealing with memory issues. Even during these stressful times he is sleeping much better and seems much more relaxed and content - not so uptight! Amen!!!!!!

Bonney Lake, WA


My husband says he is feeling better and his blood sugar is not all over the place. He is very happy with the results !

North Carolina


A great product that in a nutshell controls your blood sugars. If you are having trouble on that area, add this product to your daily regiment and watch your success!

Frisco, TX

Additional nourishment

Although recent testing shows no diabetes concerns, I felt like I needed additional nourishment to this system due to recent poor eating habits. I'm back on track with saying no thank you to sugar. Thank you!!