• Contains 100% natural pain-relieving ingredients that heat up and enhance circulation, quickly easing discomfort and inflammation!
  • Penetrates deep into your muscles and joints for temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, sciatic nerve pain, as well as muscle aches, sprains and strains, neck and back pain.
  • All-natural, no side effects.

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Pain. No one likes it!

Relief Deep Penetrating Rub provides fast, temporary relief to stiff joints, aching neck and back, bursitis or tendonitis discomfort, muscle aches and sprains from overactivity or sport activities.

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients that enhance capillary blood flow, the cream immediately heats up the area to ease discomfort and lower inflammation, and then cools down, acting like a mild local anesthetic for natural comfort.

Relief contains Emu oil, Chondroitin Sulfate from shark cartilage, Camphor, Gum Spirit of Turpentine, Menthol and Eucalyptus, all of which provide unique pain relief and anti-inflammatory actions. 

Menthol and Eucalyptus have been used for centuries for pain relief, but also for upper respiratory issues, like irritating, chronic cough and chest congestion. Rub a little cream on your upper chest and throat and breathe in these aromatic oils for additional benefit. 

Emu oil is from the fat of the Emu bird and has been used by the Australian Aborigines for thousands of years to provide natural, long-lasting pain relief - both internally and externally. They used it for sore muscles and joints, as well as inflammation of all types like swelling, headaches and burns. Interestingly Emu Oil was first introduced to the Europeans for medicinal use by the Aborigines.

Today, for those of us concerned about using products tainted with chemicals and pharmaceuticals, Emu Oil is a fantastic, all-natural remedy.

In pain? Apply Relief and get on with your life!

Suggested Usage: Massage a small amount of cream into the area of your body that is sore, stiff or aching. Repeat 3-4x daily, or as needed, for temporary pain relief.
Bottle Size: 8 fl. oz.

Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:
Wonder Lake, IL

Healed Quicker!

I bought Relief Deep Penetrating Rub for my feet. Turned out my husband needed it more. He took a bad spill and injured his shoulder. He is a mechanic and has to crawl into heavy equipment with tight spots. I gave him the rub twice a day he has been using it and his shoulder healed quicker then ever before. I have to order another Relief Rub for myself now because he won't give it up. He says it works great for his hands too.

Relief Deep Penetrating Rub


This cream is great for those aches and pains you have deep in your muscles. It relieves the swelling and takes the edge off. I am only able to use at night per the menthol smell but it works.

Hillsdale, MI

Pain relief is almost INSTANT!


After a knee scope in December and being left with a "not so successful" result, I thought I had tried everything to help me relieve chronic arthritis pain in my knee. Well, I'm done searching! I rub Restrain Your Pain on before my morning walks and I'm able to walk at a much better pace and NOT feel the after-effects of exercise throughout the day! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! (and no horrible after smell like Bio-Freeze and other products!


Alleviates Pain!!!


Mary Jean and I wish to thank you for the Restrain your Pain. It was wonderful. I traveled to Jackson Hole with a troubling pain around my thigh running up my butt. After skiing I applied the cream to that area each day. Each day the pain subsided and by the third day it was almost gone. I applied the cream to my elbows, knees and legs and was pain free....which allowed me to ski 12 days in a row in great snow/powder. Mary Jean used it for her neck, back and knees and it alleviated her pain as well. Thank you so much for the Restrain your Pain.


Restrain Your Pain..... Drains your Pain!!


I have been a vegetarian for about two years & went off dairy about one & half years ago. I have felt my best health wise... eating a plant based diet.

I am very active cycling, hiking, yoga, Pilates, skiing, tennis etc. Since I started last fall using Restrain your Pain, I have no more inflammation in my knees!!!

I'm able to play tennis on USTA tennis leagues which I am undefeated this year, I went backpacking last week outside Steamboat Springs in Zirkel Mountains carrying 34 lb. pack descending downhill with no knee pain. Cycling over 100 miles a week with no knee pain, Also cycled Tuscany, Italy in May all hill climbing. Feeling great with Restrain my pain Ointment!!! The scent is great, soothing, definitely refreshing, & re-energizing ... people ask me what I'm wearing. It definitely reduces pain & mostly inflammation. Thanks for putting out the product!!!! Can't wait to apply for the upcoming ski season.

Restrain Your Pain..... Drains your Pain!!