It's like having a 3rd Lung

  • Calms and supports the respiratory system
  • Reduces mucous secretions
  • Expands bronchial pathways
  • Promotes clearer, easier breathing
  • All-natural respiratory relief
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Respiratory Lung Health uses herbs from Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine to calm and support the respiratory system, reducing mucous secretions and expanding bronchial pathways, promoting clearer, easier breathing.

We take our breath for granted, that is until we don't have it. We breathe in second hand smoke, smog, carbon monoxide, pollen, dust and more every day every breath we take.

Respiratory Lung Health was developed to naturally support chest congestion of many forms like emphysema, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, colds and flu - even lung cancer and snoring!

If you are smoker, you may find this formula helps to alleviate smoker's cough by opening airways and clearing the accumulation of phlegm and mucous from the damaged caused by inhaling burning toxins.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily with water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Overall Customer Rating of 14 Reviews:

Keeps me healthy through the winter


Respiratory lung happy health, along with immune support, have been my go-to supplements, especially in the winter. When my whole family is getting sick, I manage to stay healthy, which never happened before I used these supplements!

Quebec, Canada



Although I stopped smoking over 10 years ago, I still had coughing bouts trying to clear my lung!

After just 4 days of using this product, I noticed a reduction in my coughing bouts and it was easier for me to breathe.

I was clearing phlegm from my lungs probably 3 times a day and it is now getting better.

I take one cap in the morning and another in the evening and they certainly are having a wonderful effect on my breathing and well being.

Biloxi Ms

Respiratory Support is a phenomenal product!


This is a phenomenal product!! My 21yr old son has suffered from asthma since he was 5 months old and prescription drugs were not helping. We started using this product consistently since he was 12 yrs old and he is off all prescription drugs and inhalers. Our family believes God led us to this company/products and has delivered my son from asthma completely.

Hillsdale, MI

Breathe Clearer and Easier with Respiratory Lung


My hubby, who has been a light smoker for 40+ years, is now developing lung issues. He has mucous build up and starts to cough. We take this daily to keep the mucous away and help him to breathe easier! It's a life saver around here!

Chino Valley, Arizona

Lung Health


I have been doing the Respiratory Lung Health for about a month now. What a difference in my breathing, it is so much better now (in fact I hardly use my inhaler anymore). On days when I forget to take it I can sure tell, so off I go and take it and within 30 minutes I am breathing much better. I like this product just sad I did not find it sooner!


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