Like Water Off a Duck's Back!

  • Supports total body relaxation and balanced mood through the latest in neurotransmitter and amino acid research
  • Naturally manage stress and anxiety
  • Can be taken at night to aid deeper, more restful sleep

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Stress, it comes in so many forms. Whether physical, mental or emotional, stress leads to fatigue, irritability, a short temper and lack of sleep.

While a little stress can be good for us, naturally elevating alertness and increasing immune system response, prolonged stress leads to long-term health issues. No wonder it's called the Silent Killer!

You may have heard me refer to Tolerance Stress-X as our Water off a duck's back formula. It works that good!

Tolerance incorporates the latest in neurotransmitter and amino acid research, combining vitamins, minerals and herbs with amino acids like Taurine and GABA to support total mind and body relaxation, supporting the body in a de-stressed mode and a relaxed mood, free of high anxiety during the daytime.

People who always exude a sense of calm, never lose their temper and always seem to never have a care in the world invariably use special anti-stress nutrients to compensate for the overload of life - the same ingredients we use in our powerful Tolerance Stress-X Formula!

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 90
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule as needed, 1 to 3 times daily, preferably on an empty stomach or just before meals.

Additional savings when you buy the Stress Relief Combo, which bundles Tolerance with Good Night for additional savings.

Overall Customer Rating of 9 Reviews:
Bonney Lake, WA


So much stress going on in my life and this product helps me to relax and be calm. Sometimes I take more than recommended due to stress getting the best of me. Keeps me relaxed so I can get a good nights sleep as well.

Cedar Rapids Iowa

Mind Power & Tolerance

I use Tolerance in combination with Mind Power, as Mind Power increases the speed at which my brain works & Tolerance gives me the poise to use the information I gain in a calm way.

San Francisco

Better than a massage

This product helps so much with stress. It makes me feel mentally calm so that I can problem solve instead of wallowing unproductively in what's stressing me out. I also used to have hormone related depression with my monthly cycle. Taking Tolerance and Mind Power for the 5 days before my period totally took care of this problem. God Bless You Wayne Garland!

Wonder Lake, IL

Calm vs Chaos

I rely on this product to get me through the times I have to spend with others who are chaotic or drama driven. Tolerance Stress X takes the edge off my nerves in a natural way so I can handle difficult people or challenges.

Frisco, TX

Tolerance takes edge off!

Stressful job can wreak havoc on body and mind. I take one each night before bed during those weeks and I am able consider all angles making better decisions. Removes emotional reactions for me. Some days require a morning dosage but not often. I do second only if my body tells me.