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Relief Deep Penetrating Rub Tube
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Pain. No one likes it!Relief Deep Penetrating Rub provides fast, temporary relief to stiff joints, aching neck and back, bursitis or tendonitis discomfort, muscle aches and sprains from overactivity or sport activities.Formulated with 100% natural ingredients that enhance capillary blood flow, the cream immediately heats up the area to ease discomfort and lower inflammation, and then cools down, acting like a mild local anesthetic for natural comfort.Relief contains Emu...

Respiratory Lung Health Bottle
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Respiratory Lung Health uses herbs from Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine to calm and support the respiratory system, reducing mucous secretions and expanding bronchial pathways, promoting clearer, easier breathing. We take our breath for granted, that is until we don't have it. We breathe in second hand smoke, smog, carbon monoxide, pollen, dust and more every day every breath we take. Respiratory Lung Health was developed to naturally support chest congestion of many forms like...

Revive Skin Repair and Circulation Cream Tube
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Revive accelerates healing, aids circulation, relieves the pain of neuropathy and arthritis, kills athletes foot, helps relieve redness, is safe for use between toes, reduces itchiness, stimulates new, healthy skin cell growth, is usable at home or on the road and is perfect for sensitive skin!The Yarrow plant, a key component of Revive, has strong, anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown Yarrow can reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation restoring warmth and life to previously...

5 micron sediment pre-filter cartridge 4-pack Desc: 5 micron sediment pre-filter cartridge 4-pack
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Replacement sediment cartridge filter fits most industry-standard 10" filter housings used in undercounter and whole house water filtration systems.Removes sediment and other particulates to 5 microns.Replacement recommended every 3 months, more frequently in sandy or high sediment areas, for best results and to extend the life of your filtration system.Package includes 4 high-capacity cartridges measuring 9-7/8" X 2 1/2". ...

Shark Liver Oil 550mg with Alkylglycerols
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For centuries, fishermen in Norway, Sweden and Japan consumed shark liver oil as a folk remedy for common colds and flu, wound healing and overall energy. In the early 1900's, marine scientists identified the therapeutic compounds revered in the sharks' golden-hued liver oil as squalene and alkylglycerol (AKG). We also produce AKG in much smaller amounts in our bone marrow and in mother’s breast milk, the most crucial time for developing her newborn infant's immune system. Scientific research...

Shave Moisture Cream Tube
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Even though shaving is such an ingrained daily routine, most people ignore a vital part of the shaving equation - the shaving cream. Razors are constantly advertised, but rarely do they advertise the cream.Shave Moisturizing Cream is a new exploration in shaving cream technology.  Shave is formulated with Gymnema Sylvestre, commonly known as the miracle fruit, a mysterious Indian herb which is known to inhibit hair follicle activity. Shave does double duty - giving you the closest,...

ShowerMate Water Filter
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We spend millions on bottled water, but have you ever showered in pure, spring water, free of chemicals like chlorine that dry your skin? If you haven't, you are in for a treat, and you'll never go back to showering in tap water again. Whenever you travel, you will want to pack one in your suitcase! Maintenance and cartridge free. Nothing to change or replace for 20,000 gallons, approximately 1 year for 2 people. Use with your current shower head, hand held shower wand or the included 2.5 gpm...

Shroom Supreme Medicinal Mushroom Immunity formula
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Shroom Supreme leverages the power of revered Medicinal Mushrooms for immediate and long lasting benefits for immune system health, mental cognition and longevity. Eight certified organic medicinal mushrooms are the core of this formula, each selected for its proven capability to stimulate our body's natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease: Agaricus is used to boost immune system response to infections and in Japan, Agaricus Blazei is the most popular alternative cancer...

Squalane Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care
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Squalane topical oil is yet another natural ingredient from the depths of the ocean. Extracted from Shark Liver Oil, Squalane supplies the skin with much needed moisture, rejuvenating dry, chapped skin and reducing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects you against skin-damaging free radicals leading to aging. Use daily to give your skin what it needs to naturally look younger and healthier. You'll feel its soothing effects...

Stress Relief Combo Kit Bottles
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When we successfully manage stress during the day, our brain is far more receptive to turning off at night time. Stress is a natural response elevating alertness and increasing immune system response. A little stress is good, but prolonged stress leads to fatigue, irritability and long-term health issues. I refer to Tolerance Stress-X as our Water off a duck's back formula. It works that good! Tolerance incorporates the latest in neurotransmitter and amino acid research, combining vitamins,...

Structural Lubrication Joint Support Bottle
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Our bones are like any moving part of machinery, they need to be lubricated in order to stop wear and tear. This extraordinary formula has special compounds like Celadrin and Hyaluronic Acid to naturally lubricate joints, reducing pain and enhancing mobility. One of the first signs of aging is painful joints, knees, hips or lower back pain. Our body is designed to handle aging, BUT it needs the resources to do this. The cause of wear on the joint area can be linked to insufficient lubrication...

Super Charger Energy Boost Bottle
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Fatigue is now an epidemic.People all around us seem dog tired all the time and dragging themselves through life. Stress of course is a big cause of this - and lack of consistent exercise.Super Charger combines a comprehensive array of B-vitamins, minerals and herbs that deliver natural, sustained energy for hours. Unlike quick-hit energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine, Super Charger uses natural ingredients such the minerals Chromium and Iodine, along with Guarana, Yerba Mate,...

Super Curcumin C3 Bottle
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In my travels years ago in India searching for a cure to my own cancer, I came across an incredible story of the power of certain curries containing ground up Turmeric root. I was told that if you ate these curries every day, disease would never happen to you, particularly cancer, which I was battling at the time. I took their advice and started eating these curry dishes, as their cancer rates were one-sixth that of America and other parts of the world. Modern science has discovered what the...

Supta Gluta - Topical Glutathione with SOD Tube
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Supta Gluta is a 100% all-natural, proprietary blend of L-Glutathione with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and other anti-aging compounds capable of diffusion into your cells transdermally. Glutathione is the most important molecule we need to stay healthy and prevent disease:The #1 antioxidantImmune system booster and blood cleanserRepairs cellular damage, while at the same time facilitating energy productionSupports increased strength and enduranceSpeeds up recovery from exertion, muscle pain and...

Testosterone Boost Herbal Cream Tube
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Testosterone Boost is an all-natural topical cream using herbal compounds that support the body's natural production of testosterone, the most important male hormone. Testosterone is required for a healthy, vibrant libido, muscle mass, energy production and bone density. Testosterone also aids fat reduction, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure and helps prevent depression. Testosterone Boost can also be effective for weight loss, aiding lean muscle development and body fat loss. Replacing...

Thyroid Energy Bottle
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A sluggish thyroid is perhaps the most common occurring hormonal disturbance in America today. It afflicts millions of people of all ages or sex, although adult women are its usual victims. Experts estimate one in three Americans suffer from sluggish thyroid function. The thyroid is the Master of Metabolism, controlling body temperature, digestive enzyme synthesis, stomach acid production, calorie burning, fat and protein synthesis and white blood cell activity.It is also crucial for...

Thyroid Repair Kit Bottle
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Located just below your adam's apple, the thyroid gland is the key organ in the body's endocrine system, controlling metabolism of converting energy from food, regulating body temperature, your heartbeat, and lifetime weight management.Hypothyroidism or an under-performing thyroid is common among adults. If you don't have enough thyroid hormone, your body processes slow down. That means your body makes less energy, and your metabolism becomes sluggish, but thyroid hormone also impacts libido,...

Tolerance Stress-X Bottle
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Stress, it comes in so many forms. Whether physical, mental or emotional, stress leads to fatigue, irritability, a short temper and lack of sleep.While a little stress can be good for us, naturally elevating alertness and increasing immune system response, prolonged stress leads to long-term health issues. No wonder it's called the Silent Killer! You may have heard me refer to Tolerance Stress-X as our Water off a duck's back formula. It works that good! Tolerance incorporates the latest in...

Ultra D3 - Vitamin D + K Bottle
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Ultra D3 combines vitamin D with vitamin K for bone and cardiovascular health benefits, as well as antioxidants and vital mineral co-factors supporting immune system health and wellness.* Ultra D3 includes: 5,000 iu's vitamin D3 and 80mcg's vitamin K2 (Menanquinone)Mineral co-factors Magnesium, Boron and L-OptiZinc®, a unique, patented form of bio-available zinc, that support the body's utilization of vitamin DQuercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant from deeply colored fruits, vegetables and leafy...

Ultra D3 advanced vitamin D+K formula, 60 cap
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Ultra D3 combines vitamin D with vitamin K for bone and cardiovascular health benefits, as well as antioxidants and vital mineral co-factors supporting immune system health and wellness.* Ultra D3 includes: 5,000 iu's vitamin D3 and 80 mcg vitamin K2 (Menanquinone) Mineral co-factors Magnesium, Boron and L-OptiZinc®, a unique, patented form of bio-available zinc, that support the body's utilization of vitamin D Quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant from deeply colored fruits, vegetables and leafy...

Undercounter water filter 20,000 gallon
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This commercial grade water filtration system uses the same high-pressure tank in our whole house filtration systems, yet small enough to fit in your kitchen, bath or bar cabinet, connecting directly to your cold water supply line, delivering pure, clean, great tasting water at your fingertips for pennies a gallon. The filter is available in multiple configurations to reduce volatile organic compounds like chlorine, chloramines (a deadly combination of chlorine and ammonia commonly used by...

Vision Macular Rejuvenation Bottle
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While studying in China some years ago, I was shocked by the number of scholars at the Institute in Shanghai who were in their 70s, 80s and 90s, yet could read and write without glasses! The reason of course, was in the wonderful herbs and minerals they consumed as medicinal teas many times each and every day. Our amazing Vision Support formula, born in the hallowed halls of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, has a blockbuster list of powerful compounds that do wonders...

Methyl-B12 Bottle
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Ever wonder how long distance truck drivers or airline pilots keep sustained energy and mental clarity for long periods of time? It's the Vitamin B-12 that they take on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.Cyanocobalamin is the most widely used form of B-12, but research discovered that up to 30% of the population can’t absorb this synthetic form. Methylcobalamin is much more absorbable, and the body retains higher amounts of the vitamin than cyanocobalamin. Basically, our methyl form is...

Vit D3 2000iu Gelcaps Bottle
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The body makes Vitamin D from pure sunlight exposure to the naked skin. What does this tell you of its importance? It means we need this in our body, constantly, daily.Vitamin D is a natural hormone. It helps protect against cancer by combining with Calcium to produce Calcitriol, a profound anti-cancer chemotherapeutic compound in the body. Of vital importance, it is the catalyst to convert raw Calcium into bone material, thus stopping and reversing all bone disease, especially...

Whole House Water Filtration System
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Commercial grade water filtration systems custom made for residential homes, restaurants and Bed &Breakfasts, delivering pure, clean, great tasting water for drinking, cooking and chemical free water for bathing and washing clothes. Available in multiple configurations and sizes to remove and or reduce volatile organic compounds like chlorine, chloramines (a deadly combination of chlorine and ammonia commonly used by water treatment facilities to kill bacteria that may be present in municipal...

Winter Wellness Immune Boosting Kit
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The Winter Wellness Kit bundle contains the 4 essential formulas for supporting your entire immune system, boosting white blood cells, in particular the fighter T-cells that provide the body's first line of defense of foreign invaders. Four powerful formulas for promoting a strong immune system to help you breeze through cold and flu season with nary a sniffle, and all year 'round! Shroom Supreme - with organic medicinal mushrooms revered for their unique ability to enhance immune system...

Zeus - Daily Mega Nutrient for Men Bottle
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Zeus means the powerful one. In our teens and twenties with testosterone at peak production, we are seemingly invincible! We can eat and drink whatever we want, stay up late, play hard all weekend, yet continue to keep on going! At some point in our 30’s though, mother nature changes the playing table on us. Testosterone production declines, slowing metabolism and virility. The spare tire around our middle grows regardless of how much we exercise, late nights are a thing of the past and...