Nigella Sativa - Nature’s Original Healing Food

  • Organic, cold-pressed black cumin seed oil
  • Potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • Use topically for rashes, acne, eczema, insect bites, and other skin conditions
  • Take orally for overall vitality, supporting heart health and blood sugar levels, lowering inflammation, boosting immunity, improving digestive health, and more
  • Add a few drops to body care products for healthy, robust hair and skin
  • 1oz Trial Size bottle

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Native to the Mediterranean and grown throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia, using Black Cumin seed (Nigella sativa) oil dates back over 3000 years for its health, healing and beauty properties.

Black cumin seed oil is rich in antioxidants containing special bioactive phytochemicals; thymol, thymoquinone, and thymohydroquinone, that are attributed to the oil’s ability to defend against viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Its antibacterial properties are demonstrating to be beneficial in combating superbugs like MRSA or h.pylori.

Skin conditions like acne, eczema, insect bites all benefit from topical application of the seed oil. By killing the infections, the body’s natural process of inflammation is turned off, allowing the skin to heal. Also beneficial for dandruff and scalp irritations, supporting robust, healthy hair growth.

Black seed oil also contains essential fats needed for cell membrane integrity, and when consumed orally, has demonstrated to enhance immune system response, stabilize mood, decrease anxiety and improve cognition, even boost GABA production.

Hippocrates is reported to have used the oil for digestive troubles like gas, bloating and stomach pain. Practitioners today find it valuable for managing diabetes, improving cholesterol and overall heart health, fighting candida and fungal infections in the digestive system.

Black seed oil also appears to have anti-asthmatic effects and beneficial for allergic reactions. The list of benefits goes on and on. It’s no wonder black cumin seeds are referred to throughout the Middle East as the Seeds of Blessing.

Keep in mind black cumin seed oil is a nutritionally potent food, not a cure-all or miracle drug. It is safe for oral or topical use in small amounts (no more than 1 tsp per dose.) Anyone with a medical condition or pregnant/nursing should check with a doctor before using this or any substance.

Ingredients: 100% Black cumin seed oil. Pressed from certified organic, non-GMO seeds.

Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, start with 2-3 drops mixed in water, juice, honey, warm tea/milk, smoothie, etc.. Increase up to 1 tsp per day, initially with food, graduating to empty stomach for added benefit, before meals or bedtime for health maintenance.

The oil can have sedative effects and bile-expelling characteristics, so consider taking orally in the evening. May take twice per day for therapeutic benefits. Not recommended to exceed 2 tsp daily.

Externally: Massage several drops into skin for areas of concern, dry skin and/or scalp to stimulate hair growth. May also a few drops to face & body creams.

Bottle Size: 1 fl oz (trial size)

Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
Wonder Lake, IL

Life Long Acne

I have had acne all my life. Hasn't changed in my adult life. Life's stress and working with animals where I have a tendency of getting dirty and in the summer sweating a lot. Nothing has helped. I read Wayne Garland's email about this product and decided to try it. Black Cumin Seed Oil not only helps my acne, it is also nourishing my skin with our Midwest summers and winters. I will keep using it by itself and with my skin moisturizer.

Thanks again!

Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Since I have been taking this product, I've notice less inflammation in my legs. I add this to my protein shakes as a convenience. It also works well on insect bites taking the sting away and keeps it from itching.

Kings Park NY


I had called with a question and lucky me got to talk to Wayne Garland himself!!! What a delight it was. He had suggested the organic black cumin seed oil. I can never be without it again. Amazing is not a strong enough word. After a week I felt like a new woman. No more pain works for me!! Everyone needs to try this product. God bless you Wayne!

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