Revive Skin Repair and Circulation Cream Tube

Revive Circulation Cream (BE08)

5.00 stars, based on 8 reviews
Revive accelerates healing, aids circulation, relieves the pain of neuropathy and arthritis, kills athletes foot, helps relieve redness, is safe for use between toes, reduces itchiness, stimulates new, healthy skin cell growth, is usable at home or...
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Orangevale, CA

AMAZING Product with GREAT Results!


I have had great results with this product!

My diabetic feet have been cracked and sore for the longest time and I have tried several creams and lotions to try and heel them including using Neosporin ointment to heal the cracks. “Revive” is the first cream that has provided me total relief from cracked, dry skin.

The best part: I felt huge results in just 3 days! Now my heels are smooth and not dry or cracked. The bone on the side of my foot, below my big toe was inflamed, and swollen. Now, the redness is gone, and I feel so much relief from the pain associated with the start of arthritis in my toes. Also, the yellowing of my toenails has almost gone away. One of my toes has a toe fungus that splits the toenail and it appears the fungus has stopped growing and is starting to heal.

I have only been using this cream for 3 weeks and have been applying it twice daily. An amazing product! My feet thank you so much!


Holy Crow!

I love this product! My skin is softer and I have nail fungus on three toes and I feel like its calming down. Also, at the end of a busy day when my feet feel achy, I rub this wonderful cream in and I have happy feet again! A million thanks for this must-have product!

Springfield, MA

No more pain


This is my second time ordering Revive, and it will not be the last. I have suffered with painful feet for about 1 year. My feet felt like they were numb, but at the same time stabbing pains. I felt relief immediately upon the first application, and by the 6th day, I did not have to take any pain killers. Now my feet are feeling better, the stabbing pain is gone, really gone and the redness is gone, no swelling, just calm happy feet. Revive is now a staple in caring for myself.

Now I LOVE my Feet!


I absolutely love this cream.

I have had the WORST dry, cracked, and bleeding heels since I moved to Colorado where the climate is dry. I tried literally everything on my heels, including prescription lotions and ointments. Some helped for a little while, but none worked long term. My feet are worse than ever. They are cracked so badly, they bleed!

I was often in pain and hated to be barefoot because my feet were so ugly.

Theresults were amazing! After 2 days of using this cream in the morning after bathing, and again at night before bed, my feet were visibly healing. After just one week, no more cracks - at all!

Thank you! I LOVE MY FEET and can't wait for summer!


Ready for the beach!

Winter and cold weather do a real number on my feet and toes. My skin becomes dry and almost brittle in places. After trying several moisturizers with no real improvement, I decided to try the Revive Circulation Cream. Literally within a few days of applying it twice a day, I noticed my skin becoming more supple. After a week, even the worst area of dry cracked skin was noticeably healing. Whereas I was previously resigned to always having dry and scaly 'wintertime' feet, now I feel like taking a vacation on a tropical island where I can show off my healthy and pretty feet!



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Reviews 1-5 of 8