God, my Daughter & Thyroid Cancer

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2010
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When my daughter Ashley turned 16, we found out she had thyroid cancer.

I have a deep faith in God and all of our family prayed so hard

for her to be saved.

Ashley is now 21, but back then we didn’t know anything. The doctors said surgery was the only way to go, that it was “a matter of life or death.”

Every day since then has been one long, dark nightmare, especially for my little girl. Would I ever see her become the magnificent young woman that I knew was within her?

Not only did they cut out her thyroid but they removed most of her lymph glands as well. For four long years, its been one trip after another to the hospital in West Palm Beach. It seemed that with every visit, the doctors would say that her counts were still climbing and there was residual cancer around her neck area.

But I know something, maybe you do too. The devil only comes to kill, rob and destroy and there is a God that can turn anything around if you ask him with all your heart.

A good friend told me that I needed to call Wayne Garland in Arkansas, who had overcome cancer naturally, and did things differently. So I gave him a call and incredible coincidences started happening.

He wanted Ashley on a special diet of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that we were to make up as healing soups and also to juice and drink. Lo and behold, a friend turned up with a juicing machine and showed us how to get started. He had a bunch of pills too for Ashley's thyroid and immune system. And no more partying and late nights out with friends (that was tough at first!) so Ashley could get lots of good sleep every night to help the healing process.

Word of Ashley's condition got to a thyroid doctor at Tampa General and we rushed up to see him as this seemed like another “gift” from out of nowhere. He said that the tumor had shrunk from one centimeter to just millimeters (hallelujah!) and not to do another invasive biopsy, just to leave it alone and see what six months would do on this new program.

That moment, when the doctor walked out with these results, I could hear deep within me God telling me that Ashley had been healed and that the next tests will show it all to be gone.

It has only been three months since we started working with Wayne, but Ashley is completely off Synthroid®, the artificial thryoid drug that was making her so groggy, sluggish and exhausted.

His natural formulas, especially the Thyroid Energy formula, have really turned her around. Her energy and clarity is just amazing. He even put her on a special Balanced Woman natural hormone formula, because she has never had a normal menstrual cycle in all her life, but she does now.

My little girl is coming back to us!

I want everyone to know of this miracle, that you can overcome anything and God will help you, just hold onto his hand. To all our family and all our friends reading this, thank you for all you have done, for all your prayers and the never-ending support and love you have given us.

God be with you.

Deborah Ester Navarro
Royal Palm Beach, FL

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