My Feet Thank You!

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2013
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I Felt Results in Just 3 Days!

Dear Wayne,

I have had great results with the REVIVE product!

My diabetic feet have been cracked and sore for the longest time and I have tried several creams and lotions to try and heal them including using Neosporin ointment to heal the cracks. REVIVE is the first cream that has provided me total relief from cracking, and dry skin.

The best part? I felt huge results in just 3 days! Now my heels are smooth and not dry or cracked. The bone on the side of my foot, below my big toe was inflamed, and swollen. Now, the redness is gone, and I feel so much relief from the pain associated with the start of arthritis in my toes. Also, the yellowing of my toenails has almost gone away. One of my toes has a toe fungus that splits the toenail and it appears the fungus has stopped growing and is starting to heal.

I have only been using this cream for 3 weeks and have been applying it twice daily. An amazing product! My feet thank you so much!

David, CA

When Your Feet Hurt, It's Like a Toothache

Feet are our friends and when they are hurting, it’s all we can think about. Diabetics are especially susceptible to poor circulation, but anyone who works on their feet all day knows just how painful it can be.

Revive Circulation Cream uses natural plant extracts to stimulate blood flow, warming cold legs, feet and even hands, delivering vital oxygen and antioxidants, helping to relieve discomfort, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. Perfect for sensitive skin and safe for use between toes!

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