Rheumatoid Arthritis and God Don't Mix

Posted on Friday, April 23, 2010
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I Can Walk Again!

Today I want to introduce you to Mrs Liliana Prange. The two of you are going to become close friends, like she has with me these past few weeks.

Liliana is an extraordinary woman, fighting painful, crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis with grace, determination, humor and a firm, resolute belief in her body's ability to heal itself.

Losing my balance was the first sign of trouble. Then the pain set in. First in my hands, then my fingers wouldn't move, my toes were glued together and my neck wouldn't turn. Slowly, I was locking up and becoming a cripple.

The pain came over me like waves. The doctors put me on some awful, drug called Arava which just made me numb and turned my skin all yellow. I dropped that like a hot potato.

Then suddenly I couldn't walk. I started using a cane, and then they put me on crutches, but I couldn't even drag myself into church, the pain was so bad. My mother-in-law had two wheelchairs and gave me one to use so I could get to the park and enjoy the outdoors and meet my family and friends. My husband could wheel me to my favorite chair at church. I kept praying of course, I always have. God didn't send any of us here to be unhealthy or unhappy.

By chance, though knowing it's all part of life's plan, I got the name and phone number of Wayne Garland who was experienced in alternative, non-drug therapy. The story was that he'd saved a person's mother from a bad heart, without surgery or drugs many years ago, and she was doing just fine right up to this day.

By the time I called, lifting the phone was about the only thing I could do physically. My neck wouldn't turn left or right anymore. My ankles, knees, hip bones, elbows even my wrists could barely move and if they did, they felt like they were on fire the pain was so bad. Everything was swollen up something awful looking.

Well this man with a funny-sounding accent said he'd fix it all if I'd do what he said. First he sent me his recipes - Meals that Heal - he called them.

I'd gotten terribly overweight without any exercise, it was embarrassing. He told me to stop all dairy products - milk, cheese and such, as dairy creates inflammation in the body.

I've been on these special soups and meals, and dropped meat from my diet for just about six weeks now and guess what? I've lost over 30lbs. Yes, 30lbs! Friends don't recognize me. My dresses float on me. The loss of weight makes moving so much easier now.

Then he put me on some special formulas from India and China. I was already taking some things, but he added stuff I had never heard of before; Curcumin, Omega Fatty Acids, Ionic Minerals from the ocean, a special Bone Density formula to rebuild my bones and muscles and his Ultra D3 formula.

Guess what? I can walk now. It's just from room to room, BUT I CAN WALK. My neck moves again, so I can turn and look at the world and see what's going on around me.

All the swelling in my ankles and knees, wrists and elbows has gone, gone, gone. Best of all? The pain has disappeared. Disappeared. Without any drugs now, remember.

I'll still need the crutches for awhile and the good old wheelchair too, but this is all happening after just a month and a bit on the program.

My husband Marshall says my back isn't straight enough and that I need some therapy. We'll get to that soon enough.

God sure works in mysterious ways doesn't he?
Liliana Prange, Woodhaven, MI

Liliana's belief in herself that has really made all this truly work.

Here's a summary of the all-natural formulas Liliana used to restore normal function and mobility:

  • Super Curcumin C3 Complex - fights inflammation, boosts immune system. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an immune system dysfunction.
  • Bone Density - total bone nutritional generation formula.
  • Omega 3/6/9 - fatty acids fight inflammation and pain.
  • Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex - high Magnesium and all 84 minerals and trace minerals to rebuild a skeleton.
  • Ultra D3 - vitamin D and K are the two essential vitamins necessary for Calcium conversion and activation, directing the flow of Calcium from the bloodstream into the bones along with lowering inflammatory pain.

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