Sprung from Nicotine Prison after 46 Years

Posted on Friday, February 12, 2010
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My name is Arthur Cranstoun and I just got out of prison. I was a Tobacco prisoner, hooked on the filthy weed for nearly fifty years.

Oh, I sure tried to quit, I tried everything under the sun. I knew it was killing me, and worse, it was killing everyone around me too. Like I said, I tried and tried and tried and failed every time to quit smoking.

Then I was told about this Wayne Garland fella and his team. Long story short, after 46 years, I have quit smoking! And get this, I don't miss it one little bit!

Listen to me now; I tried every damn thing in the universe to stop smoking. The patch, chewing gums, fake cigarettes, Commit, hypnosis, hocus pocus pills, the lot. Even good old Will Power didn’t work.

You see, this guy is real cunning. He didn’t just come up with just another pill or potion, he came up with an entire “system” that understands the nicotine addiction and the way to beat it. I wouldn’t be telling you this story if it wasn’t true, that just isn’t me as anyone who knows me can tell you.

This Smoker’s Cure is a 5-part program. You start out slowly (this reduces the failure rate of over-expectation) and take a little capsule of herbs each day for three weeks before your "Quit Day" to get your body ready for the nicotine withdrawal.

Then, on the day you’ve marked on your calendar in big red letters as your Quit Day, you take a bath. True! A long, soaking detox bath with a batch of funny herbs that sucks out all the years of nicotine in your skin and tissues. This goes on for 3 days.

And you then brew up his Tobacco Cure Tea, this stuff is brutal at first, but one day I had a bunch of errands in town and forgot to bring along some of the Cure Tea, boy was that a rough day! I doubled-up on the tea as soon as I got home and the cravings settled right down.

There’s even a special Tranquilizer Tea that you have on standby for whenever your nerves get jangled. He’s thought of everything.

And here's the stroke of genius; you actually get to smoke. A secret cigarette, a collection of some weird herbs, so you can smoke without smoking, if you know what I mean.

By the end of the first week, yes just one week, the cravings were barely noticeable and within two weeks, I no longer had any cravings or desire to smoke at all. I mean, that’s just incredible! And to me, the most important part in quitting smoking, is No More Cravings!

Wayne calls cigarettes Coffin Nails. If you don’t want to end up in a box, do what I did and stop today. Get the kit. You won’t believe how fast this program works.

My comments:
No Smoking signWe all know that smoking kills, 2nd hand smoking kills and now even 3rd hand smoke - the smoke particles that stick to seemingly everything - are demonstrated to carry carcinogens that kill too. Read the report here.

If that wasn't enough, another study from Hong Kong shows how 2nd hand smoke dramatically raises TB risk, particularly in women.

No one is safe, particularly innocent babies and children trapped in a smoking environment.

his special Smoker's Cure Program, developed by a close friend of mine, is the answer to your prayers. Smoker's Cure is a complete, five-part herbal program to detoxify your body and break nicotine's addictive hold on you.

Everyone who tries it, who is committed to quitting smoking, has had the same positive result as Arthur did.

If you’re in “Nicotine Prison”, call us now. We've got your release papers.

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