The Blood Pressure of a 20 Year Old

Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
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Thanks to Clean Heart, I'll Never Take a Blood Pressure Pill Again!

Listen up... this one could be good for you! I've already had a stroke, it's not fun when you can't walk and talk. It was a mild one, thank goodness, but it scared the heck out of me!

My blood pressure has been uncontrollable, and even with medication it was high. My doctor had me on Lisinopril, and believe me, this medication could knock an elephant out! It's for chronic heart failure, and unfortunately, that was me after I had a mini-stroke.

After using Clean Heart, I have been off my blood pressure meds for a month and I am doing great!

The other girls in the salon keep asking me where I'm getting my energy from, as I go non-stop, all day long. And no racing heart at night, no palpitations.

I'd rather take something that is going to build up my heart and clean out my blood vessels - that's what this does - than take something that only masks the symptoms. I think it also strengthens my heart.

They couldn't get my blood pressure down for love nor money. Now it's like 152/82. Let me tell you, it has never been that low, and it is still falling.

Clean Heart drink has given me the heart of a 20-year old!

Linda Somosko-Benitez
Las Vegas, NV

Clean Heart is a natural blood pressure formulation with L-Arginine and Citrulline that aids the body in producing Nitric Oxide, beneficial for cardiovascular and overall health, that relaxes the blood vessels, allowing the heart to beat easier and improving circulation.

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