"Without my hands, I can't talk"

Posted on Monday, April 12, 2010
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The Arthritis Pain in My Hands Was Unbearable!

My name is Anna Marie Calabrese and I'm from Italy. My family is from the village of Toro in Compobasso, have you heard of it?

We all talk with our hands!

When we aren't talking, we're eating, and sometimes we do both at once. I raised my family around the kitchen table, eating and talking, that's Italy.

Then my hands became frozen from arthritis. My fingers were like sticks. I couldn't cook. And I couldn't talk!

The pain was so bad that I couldn't bend my fingers or make my pasta, my sauces or soups. It was so bad that sometimes I would cry.

Then my boy Michael told me about his friend Wayne Garland who had helped him. I refused to go to doctors - I don't trust them. But Wayne is different - he calls you back when you leave a message.

He listened to my story and said he'd fix me in no time. The man's a saint. He sent me this bottle of pills in the mail - it was called "Celadrin". My fingers moved again, I could hardly believe it. The pain disappeared in what seemed like just a few minutes.

Then a disaster occurred. I ran out! I didn't want to bother my husband, he has so much to do, so I called Mr Garland myself and got him to send more of his Celadrin pills.

I was in tears waiting for the pills, but cried even more when the box arrived - because I knew my pain would be gone - and I could cook and talk with my hands once again.

Thank you! This is a miracle, I'm going to tell the world.

Anna Marie Calabrese

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