Shroom Supreme Medicinal Mushroom Immunity formula

Shroom Supreme (NT1012)

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Shroom Supreme leverages the power of revered Medicinal Mushrooms for immediate and long lasting benefits for immune system health, mental cognition and longevity. Eight certified organic medicinal mushrooms are the core of this formula, each...
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Denver Co


Love love this product!! Been getting sick a lot since I’ve moved across the country (strep and all). Since I’ve been taking Shroom Supreme it killed what I had immediately and I haven’t been sick since. Great way to build the immune system up!!!!


Great product for your immune system!

I pair this product with Respiratory Support, and I honestly feel like I get sick WAY less. Like, the previous winter I probably got sick 5-6 times, but the last winter when I took these products regularly, I got sick only once. I swear by these products!


Great Product!

I experienced more energy after taking this product. I would highly recommend this product.

Pasadena, Can

Killed the Flu Bug!

I had suffered from 2 boughts of the horrible cold flu that has been around this season, back to back! I was literally sick for an entire month! I ordered the Shroom Supreme as soon as it was available. I doubled the dosage for the first 5 days and after 3 days I felt much stronger and knew it was working to strengthen my immune system. Thank you Wayne Garland this is an amazing formula!

Shroom supreme

So far .... so good. It seems I’m feeling pretty good. I really can’t figure it out, however I‘m feeling a total body wellness. Last blood test results .... very good, with exception of cholesterol level (LDL) is a little high from last year due to eating too many eggs. Looking forward to seeing how I’ll be feeling in three months.

Reviews 1-5 of 5