Ultra D3 - Vitamin D + K Bottle

Ultra D3 120 caps (NT1057)

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Ultra D3 combines vitamin D with vitamin K for bone and cardiovascular health benefits, as well as antioxidants and vital mineral co-factors supporting immune system health and wellness.* Ultra D3 includes: 5,000 iu's vitamin D3 and 80mcg's vitamin...
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Venice, CA

I'm thrilled with this product!


I'm thrilled with this product, along with the Marine Phyto Plankton. I had all of my mercury fillings removed. I had NO ill effects from having this done. I think it's the fact that I had the detoxing effect of the products. I also love the Shark Liver oil and the Miracle of Life.

Lewisville, TX

Pregnancy & Vitamin D Deficiency



Thank you so much for all the research you do! The Vitamin D pregnancy scandal article hits home for me since I was severely Vitamin D deficient during my last pregnancy without knowing it. My baby developed pectus excavatum at about 10 weeks old (it's a sinking of the sternum).

After doing my own research, I found out that it could be due to a Vitamin D deficiency. I asked the pediatrician to test my baby, but she wouldn't, she just said that I could supplement her with 400 iu baby drops that I could get at Wal-mart. I then had my midwife test me for Vitamin D level and mine was 17 (which is extremely deficient).

After contacting you, you told me to be on at least 4,000 iu's a day, (which the medical community would roll their eyes at). Since then I have been taking your Vitamin D supplements (I take 5,000 to 10,000 iu's daily) and give Vitamin D to my whole family. My levels are normal now and my daughter (age 2) is doing good.

I'm pregnant again and I make sure to take my Vitamin D daily! Thank you for all the wonderful advice you've given me and for your incredible products! Thank you so much and God Bless!

Ultra D3

<p>I live in Oregon where from November through March there are not many sunny</p><p>days. Taking Ultra D3 is the best, most convenient way to maintain my D3</p><p>levels. I'm grateful to be able to purchase such a high quality product.</p>


Ultra D-3

Wouldn't be without this or my calcium or magnesium. Whole body health. Never upsets my stomach and easy to swallow. Ultra D-3 is like having sunshine with you all day every day.

Thank you for all your great products we can trust.

Sacramento, CA

Ultra D3 is the BEST Vit D formula available


Best D3 formula out there in my opinion! That it has Vit K2 and other co-factors built-in to support the best absorption makes this product stand alone in the world of Vit D3 supplements as nearly every other one on the market doesn't connect the dots and go this far.

I used this formula to take my Vit D level from 22 to 70 on the scale and now maintain that high level easily with 7500-10000iu's daily. Huge boost to immunity, mood, hormone regulation and keeping bad gene expression at bay while allowing powerful anti-aging hormones to thrive.

It's been big for workout recovery while training also. Bottom line - it's a pillar of foundational health and should be in everyone's program for longevity and vibrant health. Get your levels checks today and get on the dose that works for you! Grateful for this formula. Thank-you Wayne Garland!

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Reviews 6-10 of 12