Squalane Helped Grow New Skin After Stitches

Posted on Saturday, November 3, 2012
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You Can Barely Tell I Cut My Fingers

I was working on a remodel of my daughter's bedroom when the board I was ripping on a tablesaw lifted up. Like a fool, I reached for it and as I pushed it back down, my index and middle finger came down directly only top of the saw blade. It all happened in an instant, and when I looked at my fingers, I knew it was serious.

I rinsed my fingers immediately in warm water and wrapped a wet washcloth around my fingers to slow the bleeding and headed to Urgent Care to have the cuts stitched back together. A few days later when I was allowed to change the dressing, I applied Manuka Honey directly over the stitches to speed healing and prevent infection.

As soon as the stitches were removed, I applied the Squalane Oil directly onto the cut lines, gently pressing the oil into the scab that had formed from the stitches several times a day, to stimulate skin growth. Within a few days, the scabs sluffed off and I could see fresh, new skin underneath.

I continued to apply the oil morning, noon and night, and in just 3 months, the cuts healed completely, in fact, so well that I can barely see where I cut my fingers.

It is now 16 months later, and you can barely tell I cut my fingers - the scars are nearly invisible!

Cut fingers healed with squalane oil

The Squalane Oil worked so well healing my cuts, I've been using it on my face, especially on the corners of my eyes where I was starting to develop crow's feet.

I'm ecstatic about this product!

Dale, CO

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