How Carl Bypassed a Bypass

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2010
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Cholesterol Over 600 and 100% Blockage in 2 Main Arteries

My husband Carl had 100% blockage in two main arteries and the other was 60% blocked! Carl started to have chest pains when working in the yard or out in the cold and he was very tired all the time.

The doctor ordered a heart catheterization and found that all three arteries had clogged up, two were 100% totally clogged, and the other had over 60% blockage. Carl’s cholesterol level was over 600. (No, this is not a misprint) and his triglycerides were 1,233! (again, not a misprint.)

Carl had a triple by-pass operation 13 years ago and wasn't about to go through it all over again, as the pain nearly killed him the first time. So, the doctor put a stent into the one artery with only 60% blockage and said that was all he could do for Carl.

We were both desperate to do something more. That’s when it hit me - call Wayne Garland. He had done so much for us and others over the years with his formulas.

I dug up his number and called him out of the blue. He said he had a program for Carl that would de-clog his arteries, get his cholesterol down and also shed the pounds of extra weight, so his heart would work easier.

And get this, with no drugs or surgery! Wayne did completely changed Carl's diet.

  • No Meat
  • No Dairy of any kind
  • No Pizzas, Big Macs or Fried Chicken

The foods we ate were fresh and all vegetarian - salads and lightly steamed vegetables with virgin Olive oil and lemon dressing. Miracle Potassium Broth soup was eaten every day with lots of broccoli and cabbage and garlic, with Flax Seed Oil stirred into it. No white sugar, no white flour.

Carl also started taking Cholesteine formula at high dosages. After one week, we went back to check the stent with the heart doctor and Carl's cholesterol dropped nearly 400 points to 221! (not a misprint) His triglycerides were now 504. In just one week!

The doctor couldn’t believe it. We were thrilled to say the least.

The program meant lots of walking too, slowly at first but Carl quickly got up to the target of 45 minutes a day.

We checked his blood pressure and pulse continually and these came down too - like magic. His blood pressure fell from 145 to 105 and his cholesterol kept falling like a stone. It is now down to 154 and the triglycerides are down to 235.

Carl's doctor just kept shaking his head and saying, “whatever it is that you’re doing, keep it up, it’s working.”

We then added Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals with high Magnesium to help Carl’s heart beat easier and to dissolve the Calcium in the arteries.

Carl also started using an incredible soybean paste with honey called Nattokinase that they use in Japan for all artery blockages.

Carl’s weight dropped fast too. Pounds just came off, to the point that I had to take-in all his clothes as they just hung on him like a scarecrow. He’s out doing yard-work again, on his treadmill every day and full of energy. It’s just amazing to see the difference in him.

We thank God for the help we received from the Body as Doctor team, caring enough to show us the true way to a healthier life, free of disease.

Annette Crawford
Montgomery, MI

p.s. Two of our friends are on the program too and seeing the same drastic changes in their cholesterol, weight and blood pressure.

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