Trace Minerals now available in 32oz Spa Size!

  • Minerals come in many forms, coral, colloidal, chelated, yet only ionic minerals conduct electricity
  • Contains over 72 naturally occurring trace minerals, solar evaporated from an inland sea source
  • A natural source of Magnesium readily assimilable by your body
  • Also available in 2oz travel size and 8oz

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Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex comes from a special inland sea source, purified and concentrated, with 99% sodium removed, containing over 72 trace minerals, in the same composition found in our blood.

Minerals are the missing link in all health, healing and medicine, running every organ in the body. They make your heart beat, your brain think, your lungs pump, your pancreas function, they help grow bones and hair, skin, nails. Minerals build the immune system, control insulin and much, much more.

Life Transfusion contains the full spectrum of trace minerals our body’s electrical system needs for peak performance, supporting vitamins and other nutrients to function at their full potential.

Now available in a large quart size, ideal for families and spas for massages and mineral baths!

  • Soak with minerals in a hot bathtub or foot bath and allow your skin to absorb the natural Magnesium and other minerals. Add 1 Tbsp to a foot bath, or 4oz to a bathtub of filtered water (avoid tap water) and soak.
  • Add up to 1 tsp to your massage oil or lotion and stir to distribute, then massage into the skin to absorb the natural Magnesium to help relax tight and sore muscles.

Bottle Size: 32 fl oz
Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (about 80 drops)
Servings per Container: 192
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, Life Transfusion is a highly concentrated, all-natural, with no added preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners. Undiluted, it has a very strong taste. We recommend mixing it with juice (fresh, organic carrot juice is best) or food and dividing the serving throughout the day to mask the concentrated mineral flavor. For regular or sodium restricted diets.

Overall Customer Rating of 14 Reviews:

Minerals of LIfe

The Life Transfusion Minerals are a must. When we take them in connection with other Wayne Garland supplements, including the multi-vitamins, we feel so much better. They can be used to soak away aches and pains in the tub and ensure your body utilizes the nutrients you take in.

Everyone in the family uses this every day.

My husband started having arthritis pain and when he started using this his pain stopped. He uses it every day.

It also, stops my muscle cramps.


Amazing Minerals

I have been taking Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals for years. It's a product that I will be on for the rest of my life. I can tell that my body just feels better and functions better with them. I recommend them to all my friends.

One day I was working out with some of my girlfriends outdoors, in the heat, when all of a sudden one of my girlfriends' fingers started swelling very quickly to the point her wedding ring was hurting. I felt that it was an imbalance of potassium and sodium. I just so happen the have a bottle of Liquid Minerals in my car and I dashed to my car, came back, squirted Liquid Minerals into her water and told her it wouldn't taste the greatest but drink it all anyway. She felt relief in moments and her fingers went back down to normal size within minutes. All my friends asked me to order them the miraculous minerals that day. Lol.


Intensive minerals

This is an intensive and comprehensive way to take minerals. I take it orally and also use it to 'feed' my kefir grains as they brew since they also need minerals to grow. Unlike pills, this liquid form of minerals are easily assimilated by the body. I think it's the very best way to insure that I get all the minerals I need, even those needed in very minuscule amounts.


Life Transfusion Minerals

I've been taking Life Transfusion Minerals for 4 years. It is a complete

product; I don't need to take any other mineral supplements. I especially appreciate that I can purchase the 32 ounce size - it's great on the pocketbook. It's probably not a stretch to say that including Life Transfusion Minerals in my daily diet has contributed to my overall wellness. I don't get colds and I don't remember the last time I had the flu.