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Digestive Enzymes Bottle
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Proper digestion is vitally important for optimal health. Digestive enzymes, as well as probiotics, play a key role in the process of assimilating nutrients from the food we eat. Do you experience bloating, gas, heartburn or indigestion? Poor digestion is linked to all of these conditions. Transform-Zymes contain a high quality spectrum of plant-based enzymes, and intestinal soothers to support gastrointestinal health and healthy digestive function. Enzymes do more than just breakdown food for...

Germanium Sesquioxide Bottle
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Germanium aids the body in restoring normal function of T-cells, B-lymphocytes, and boosting number of antibody-forming cells. Germanium enables the body to change its response to tumors by stimulating the production of Interferons, signaling proteins the body releases in response to the presence of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and tumor cells, telling nearby cells to heighten their anti-viral defenses, and attracting natural killer cells. Natural killer cells play a crucial...

Immune Support Bottle
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This formula has been discontinued and replaced with Shroom Supreme. Six medicinal mushrooms are the core of this formula, each selected for its proven capability to stimulate our body's natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease: Reishi is an wonder mushroom, beneficial for so many functions in the body, from improving circulation and high blood presure, activity against influenza, hepatitis, herpes viruses and autoimmune disorders, stabilizing blood sugar levels, improving...

Pro-Biotic Max with 25 Billion Live Bacteria Bottle
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What are Probiotics and why do I need them?Our stomach and intestines contain billions of good and potentially harmful micro organisms. Probiotics are the good bacteria that line our digestive tract and support the ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. There are actually 10 times more probiotics in our gut than cells in the entire body, and are an integral part of our immune system, as it is estimated 80 percent of our entire immune system is located in the digestive...

Respiratory Lung Health Bottle
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Respiratory Lung Health uses herbs from Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine to calm and support the respiratory system, reducing mucous secretions and expanding bronchial pathways, promoting clearer, easier breathing. We take our breath for granted, that is until we don't have it. We breathe in second hand smoke, smog, carbon monoxide, pollen, dust and more every day every breath we take. Respiratory Lung Health was developed to naturally support chest congestion of many forms like...

Shark Liver Oil 550mg with Alkylglycerols
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For centuries, fishermen in Norway, Sweden and Japan consumed shark liver oil as a folk remedy for common colds and flu, wound healing and overall energy. In the early 1900's, marine scientists identified the therapeutic compounds revered in the sharks' golden-hued liver oil as squalene and alkylglycerol (AKG). We also produce AKG in much smaller amounts in our bone marrow and in mother’s breast milk, the most crucial time for developing her newborn infant's immune system. Scientific research...

Shroom Supreme Medicinal Mushroom Immunity formula
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Shroom Supreme leverages the power of revered Medicinal Mushrooms for immediate and long lasting benefits for immune system health, mental cognition and longevity. Eight certified organic medicinal mushrooms are the core of this formula, each selected for its proven capability to stimulate our body's natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease: Agaricus is used to boost immune system response to infections and in Japan, Agaricus Blazei is the most popular alternative cancer...

Super Curcumin C3 Bottle
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In my travels years ago in India searching for a cure to my own cancer, I came across an incredible story of the power of certain curries containing ground up Turmeric root. I was told that if you ate these curries every day, disease would never happen to you, particularly cancer, which I was battling at the time. I took their advice and started eating these curry dishes, as their cancer rates were one-sixth that of America and other parts of the world. Modern science has discovered what the...

Winter Wellness Immune Boosting Kit
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The Winter Wellness Kit bundle contains the 4 essential formulas for supporting your entire immune system, boosting white blood cells, in particular the fighter T-cells that provide the body's first line of defense of foreign invaders. Four powerful formulas for promoting a strong immune system to help you breeze through cold and flu season with nary a sniffle, and all year 'round! Shroom Supreme - with organic medicinal mushrooms revered for their unique ability to enhance immune system...