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5-HTP bottle photo
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Replenish serotonin levels to enhance your mood, sleep and much more! Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the body that plays a key role in the central nervous system, relaying brain signals between brain cells, and overall functioning of the body. Unfortunately stress and aging can cause serotonin production to decline - and low serotonin has been associated with conditions like: Depression Anxiety Moodiness Difficulty sleeping Hunger cravings Poor digestion 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)...

Good Night Sleep Aid Bottle
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When is the last time you got a really good night’s sleep? I mean slept all the way through the night, seemingly waking up in the exact same position when you crawled into bed? Now that’s what I call a good night’s sleep! For most of us, sleep is often neglected and postponed. We try to get by on 6-7 hours a night, when the body needs at least 8 hours to rejuvenate. We say we will sleep in on the weekend, but it isn’t enough. The consequences are detrimental on our central nervous, endocrine...

Mind Power Brain Anti-Aging Bottle
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Short Date means the expiration date on the label we assigned at the time of manufacture is coming up. This product is safe to consume, and when stored in a cool, dry place, the ingredients typically retain 100% potency for much longer than the date we designate, but we no longer sell it at Retail pricing.Mind Power is like turbo-charging your brain, enhancing cognitive function in healthy people, aiding your ability to think faster and clearer, while boosting creativity and supporting memory...

Stress Relief Combo Kit Bottles
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When we successfully manage stress during the day, our brain is far more receptive to turning off at night time. Stress is a natural response elevating alertness and increasing immune system response. A little stress is good, but prolonged stress leads to fatigue, irritability and long-term health issues. I refer to Tolerance Stress-X as our Water off a duck's back formula. It works that good! Tolerance incorporates the latest in neurotransmitter and amino acid research, combining vitamins,...

Tolerance Stress-X Bottle
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Stress, it comes in so many forms. Whether physical, mental or emotional, stress leads to fatigue, irritability, a short temper and lack of sleep.While a little stress can be good for us, naturally elevating alertness and increasing immune system response, prolonged stress leads to long-term health issues. No wonder it's called the Silent Killer! You may have heard me refer to Tolerance Stress-X as our Water off a duck's back formula. It works that good! Tolerance incorporates the latest in...