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Delight Energizing Body Oil Bottle
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Delight Body Oil is a revolutionary skin and body care oil, combining the healing powers of Shea Butter and Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10) in a unique, 100% natural, silky-smooth, aromatic body oil, designed to delight you and your skin! With a light, natural fragrance, Delight stimulates your mind and body, invigorates your senses and energizes your spirit. Apply after showering as a moisturizer and stress reliever Apply at bedtime as a deeply penetrating skin revitalizer and nighttime repair oil...

Marigold Skin Moisturizer Cream
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Rich and creamy, our Marigold, Calendula & Sea Buckthorn all-body moisturizer is ideal for dry, chapped or damaged skin. Apply after bathing, anytime during the day, or before bed to moisturize dry skin. Marigold and Calendula herbal extracts are known to possess anti-viral, anti-genotoxic (damage to the genetic information within a cell) and anti-inflammatory properties. These herbs are often used for reducing inflammation, soothing irritated skin and supporting the repair of damaged...

Reclaim Black Coffee Salve Tube
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Reclaim Black Coffee Salve is an all natural skin repair creme containing Columbian Coffee Extract (aka black coffee salve), caffeine, aloe vera and other skin soothing and healing ingredients which may reduce age spots, skin blemishes, freckles, acne and more! Coffee beans contain many beneficial antioxidants and caffeine has been found to block abnormal cellular growth and development. Applying caffeine topically does not carry any of the risks or side effects associated with drinking...

Relief Deep Penetrating Rub Tube
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Pain. No one likes it!Relief Deep Penetrating Rub provides fast, temporary relief to stiff joints, aching neck and back, bursitis or tendonitis discomfort, muscle aches and sprains from overactivity or sport activities.Formulated with 100% natural ingredients that enhance capillary blood flow, the cream immediately heats up the area to ease discomfort and lower inflammation, and then cools down, acting like a mild local anesthetic for natural comfort.Relief contains Emu...

Revive Skin Repair and Circulation Cream Tube
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Revive accelerates healing, aids circulation, relieves the pain of neuropathy and arthritis, kills athletes foot, helps relieve redness, is safe for use between toes, reduces itchiness, stimulates new, healthy skin cell growth, is usable at home or on the road and is perfect for sensitive skin!The Yarrow plant, a key component of Revive, has strong, anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown Yarrow can reduce muscle spasms and increase circulation restoring warmth and life to previously...

Shave Moisture Cream Tube
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Even though shaving is such an ingrained daily routine, most people ignore a vital part of the shaving equation - the shaving cream. Razors are constantly advertised, but rarely do they advertise the cream.Shave Moisturizing Cream is a new exploration in shaving cream technology.  Shave is formulated with Gymnema Sylvestre, commonly known as the miracle fruit, a mysterious Indian herb which is known to inhibit hair follicle activity. Shave does double duty - giving you the closest,...

Squalane Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care
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Squalane topical oil is yet another natural ingredient from the depths of the ocean. Extracted from Shark Liver Oil, Squalane supplies the skin with much needed moisture, rejuvenating dry, chapped skin and reducing signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects you against skin-damaging free radicals leading to aging. Use daily to give your skin what it needs to naturally look younger and healthier. You'll feel its soothing effects...