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Aphrodite Daily Mega Nutrient for Women Bottle
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Aphrodite is synonymous with Beauty, Love, Wisdom, Courage and Inspiration! A woman's body is a magnificently orchestrated electrical machine, and it requires a special combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to conduct this electric life force on a daily basis. Much more than a 1-a-day vitamin, Aphrodite contains more than 35 nutrients; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs, for promoting vibrant hair, skin, and nails, strong bones with ocean-sourced calcium and vitamin...

Balanced Woman Hormonal Support Bottle
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When I was studying traditional chinese medicine in Shanghai many years ago, I noticed that all the women drank a special tea called Eternal Flame containing a cornucopia of herbs that helped to modulate or normalize the female hormonal system. At the time, women did not complain PMS, mood swings, cramping or hot flashes like they do in America and other countries I've visited. I was so enamored by this, that when I came to America, I brought the recipe for the tea with me, and instead of...

Detox Kit
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The Detox Kit includes the 4 essential formulas recommended in our Detox Program, with an additional discount over purchasing separately. Protein Plus Superfood 7-in-1 - an alkaline forming, whole food supplement with 50% of the daily RDA of vitamins and minerals, essential Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, 4 plant-based protein powders, 12 vegetables, superfoods, naturally flavored with vanilla and high ORAC (antioxidant) fruits. Easy Cleanse AM/PM Detox - a gentle 15-day digestive cleansing...

DiaBesity Blood Glucose Support Bottle
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Diabetes was once unheard of in our society, yet nearly 10% of Americans adults now have diabetes. Even more alarming is the rate of diabetes in our children, having increased more than 20% in the past 15 years. Why? Too much sugar! We need help, but not from dangerous drugs and insulin injections. The body can control, and completely reverse Type 2 diabetes when given the proper support of a sugar managed diet and pancreas rejuvenatory herbs and minerals. DiaBesity is the first all-natural...

Easy Cleanse Detox Bottle
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If you get rid of the toxins in the body, you get rid of the excess fat at the same time! Easy Cleanse Detox is a two-part, 15-day digestive cleansing program developed to naturally support the body's own detoxification mechanisms, making it easier to eliminate toxins from the body. The unique combination of herbal extracts, nutrients and superfoods support your liver and gastrointestinal tract to naturally eliminate unwanted cellular waste, cholesterol and fat, and encourage a healthy,...

Garcinia Cambogia with Chromium Bottle
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Garcinia Cambogia is a small, pumpkin shaped fruit commonly found in West Africa, India, Asia and Indonesia. Used for centuries in traditional cooking to make meals more filling, Garcinia naturally suppresses appetite and slows down the conversion of carbohydrates in food to sugar. When Garcinia extract was introduced on the Dr. Oz show, it quickly became an overnight weight loss sensation, as clinical studies showed hydroxycitric acid (HCA), the active compound found in the rind of Garcinia...

Green Coffee Bean Extract Bottle
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Green Coffee PLUS+ combines the fat burning and metabolism boosting benefits of unroasted, green coffee bean extract with Coleus forskohlii, which aids in body fat reduction and lean muscle development. How does Green Coffee work? It's not the caffeine! Unroasted, green coffee beans contain Chlorogenic Acid, a potent, natural compound that inhibits the absorption of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream, while boosting the release of stored fat to burn as energy. But not all green coffee extracts...

Key to Health and Healing ebook
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The human body is a magnificently orchestrated electrical machine. Have you ever wondered how our cells conduct this electricity, transmitting thoughts from the brain into instructions for every cell in the body? Vitamins do not conduct electricity, neither do amino acids or proteins. The only nutrient which will conduct electricity through fluid are minerals. Tiny, atom-sized elements that work at the core of each cell instantaneously. Minerals run every organ in the body, yet are the most...

L-Carnitine Orange Concentrate Bottle
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Carnitine is often referred to as the heart amino, as it improves angina, heart function, and exercise tolerance in people with coronary artery disease and heart failure. A non-essential amino acid, Carnitine is synthesized in the liver and kidneys, and concentrated in the body’s most metabolically active organs: the brain, heart, and muscles. Its primary job is to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they’re burned for energy. Athletes discovered Carnitine is a safe, inexpensive...

Liver Rejuvenation Bottle
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The liver is the hardest working organ in our body, playing a central role in all metabolic processes. From filtering toxins, breaking down fats, converting proteins, producing bile for the digestive system, breaking down damaged blood cells, supporting blood clotting, even converting the toxin byproduct ammonia to urea, which the kidneys pass out of the body in urine, the liver is constantly working. Liv-Rx contains a treasure chest of herbs revered for centuries for detoxification and...

Chlorella Superfood Bottle
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Marine Phyto-Plankton is pure Chlorella, a single cell, freshwater green micro-algae that is the original superfood, loaded with all the naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids and minerals your body needs to live and regenerate at the cellular level every single moment of every day. A high-quality complete protein (58% protein) that is more dense and more digestible than any animal-derived protein. The cell walls have been fractured to ensure maximum nutrient availability and uptake in the...

Meals That Heal Book
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Your food should be your medicine; your medicine should be your food. - Hippocrates Truer words have never been said in the understanding of how important our diet is in preventing and overcoming disease. Dis-ease occurs because we are out of balance for a prolonged period of time. We are literally without ease. In my extraordinary journey fighting cancer, the one thing that kept me alive and strong enough to fight another day, were the gifts that God's messengers, healers and herbalists,...

Night Time Fat Buner Bottle
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Yes, we can burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you're having trouble losing weight, it's most likely because your liver isn't functioning correctly. Without a healthy functioning liver and quality sleep, nothing else you do for weight loss will matter! While the other organs rest each night repairing and rejuvenating for a new day, your liver is hard at work processing waste from your body; natural waste from cellular energy production, and unnatural waste from artificial...

Omega 3-6-9 EFA Bottle
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Essential Fatty Acids are just that - essential for the body. EFA's or Omega 3/6/9 are the major constituents of all cell membranes. Without fatty acids, the membranes are unable to function. This means the life process comes to a shuddering halt. EFA's convert into prostaglandins, hormone-like cell messengers, that are instrumental in energy production, vital to circulatory health and integral to good metabolism. "The brain, when its water weight is removed, consists primarily of Essential...

Plant Strong Nutritional Support Plant,strong,nutritional,vegetarian,support,vegan,
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Our team is available throughout your entire healing process to help you transition to a vegetarian diet.These services include education and support for: Transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle Meal Planning Pantry Makeover/Shopping Recipes & Meal Preparation Converting your favorite recipe(s) to vegan/vegetarian Meals that Heal recipe book Our Community Kitchen newsletter Emotional support as you transition Tips/suggestions for helping family members transition with you $147 Initial...

Protein Plus Mega-Superfood Bag
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Protein Plus Superfood is much more than a protein supplement - it is really 7 FABULOUS FORMULAS in 1! Each serving contains a high fiber blend of 4 non-GMO plant protein powders, healthy Omega 3/6 fatty acids from hemp seed and sacha inchi nut, 12 vegetables, digestive enzymes, superfoods Maca, and high ORAC (antioxidant) fruits, and daily vitamins and minerals. Protein Plus Superfood is ideal for anyone who otherwise would skip breakfast or lunch, or as a low calorie, mid-afternoon snack....

Super Charger Energy Boost Bottle
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Fatigue is now an epidemic.People all around us seem dog tired all the time and dragging themselves through life. Stress of course is a big cause of this - and lack of consistent exercise.Super Charger combines a comprehensive array of B-vitamins, minerals and herbs that deliver natural, sustained energy for hours. Unlike quick-hit energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine, Super Charger uses natural ingredients such the minerals Chromium and Iodine, along with Guarana, Yerba Mate,...

Thyroid Energy Bottle
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A sluggish thyroid is perhaps the most common occurring hormonal disturbance in America today. It afflicts millions of people of all ages or sex, although adult women are its usual victims. Experts estimate one in three Americans suffer from sluggish thyroid function.  The thyroid is the Master of Metabolism, controlling body temperature, digestive enzyme synthesis, stomach acid production, calorie burning, fat and protein synthesis and white blood cell activity.It is also crucial for...

Thyroid Repair Kit Bottle
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Located just below your adam's apple, the thyroid gland is the key organ in the body's endocrine system, controlling metabolism of converting energy from food, regulating body temperature, your heartbeat, and lifetime weight management.Hypothyroidism or an under-performing thyroid is common among adults. If you don't have enough thyroid hormone, your body processes slow down. That means your body makes less energy, and your metabolism becomes sluggish, but thyroid hormone also impacts libido,...

Ultra D3 - Vitamin D + K Bottle
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Ultra D3 combines vitamin D with vitamin K for bone and cardiovascular health benefits, as well as antioxidants and vital mineral co-factors supporting immune system health and wellness.* Ultra D3 includes: 5,000 iu's vitamin D3 and 80mcg's vitamin K2 (Menanquinone)Mineral co-factors Magnesium, Boron and L-OptiZinc®, a unique, patented form of bio-available zinc, that support the body's utilization of vitamin DQuercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant from deeply colored fruits, vegetables and leafy...

Ultra D3 advanced vitamin D+K formula, 60 cap
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Ultra D3 combines vitamin D with vitamin K for bone and cardiovascular health benefits, as well as antioxidants and vital mineral co-factors supporting immune system health and wellness.* Ultra D3 includes: 5,000 iu's vitamin D3 and 80 mcg vitamin K2 (Menanquinone) Mineral co-factors Magnesium, Boron and L-OptiZinc®, a unique, patented form of bio-available zinc, that support the body's utilization of vitamin D Quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant from deeply colored fruits, vegetables and leafy...

Vision Macular Rejuvenation Bottle
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While studying in China some years ago, I was shocked by the number of scholars at the Institute in Shanghai who were in their 70s, 80s and 90s, yet could read and write without glasses! The reason of course, was in the wonderful herbs and minerals they consumed as medicinal teas many times each and every day. Our amazing Vision Support formula, born in the hallowed halls of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, has a blockbuster list of powerful compounds that do wonders...

Methyl-B12 Bottle
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Ever wonder how long distance truck drivers or airline pilots keep sustained energy and mental clarity for long periods of time? It's the Vitamin B-12 that they take on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.Cyanocobalamin is the most widely used form of B-12, but research discovered that up to 30% of the population can’t absorb this synthetic form. Methylcobalamin is much more absorbable, and the body retains higher amounts of the vitamin than cyanocobalamin. Basically, our methyl form is...

Vit D3 2000iu Gelcaps Bottle
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The body makes Vitamin D from pure sunlight exposure to the naked skin. What does this tell you of its importance? It means we need this in our body, constantly, daily.Vitamin D is a natural hormone. It helps protect against cancer by combining with Calcium to produce Calcitriol, a profound anti-cancer chemotherapeutic compound in the body. Of vital importance, it is the catalyst to convert raw Calcium into bone material, thus stopping and reversing all bone disease, especially...

Zeus - Daily Mega Nutrient for Men Bottle
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Zeus means the powerful one. In our teens and twenties with testosterone at peak production, we are seemingly invincible! We can eat and drink whatever we want, stay up late, play hard all weekend, yet continue to keep on going! At some point in our 30’s though, mother nature changes the playing table on us. Testosterone production declines, slowing metabolism and virility. The spare tire around our middle grows regardless of how much we exercise, late nights are a thing of the past and...