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Fuel the Genius Inside You!

  • Do you walk into a room, and then forget what you wanted?
  • Need extra focus to study or concentrate?
  • Specially formulated with nootropics, vitamins, minerals and herbs to enhance cognitive function, memory recall, and creativity
  • Ideal for students, computer programmers, researchers and anyone who does volume thinking
  • Hear Wayne Garland explain the power behind the Mind Power formula in the audio below

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Mind Power is like turbo-charging your brain, enhancing cognitive function in healthy people, aiding your ability to think faster and clearer, while boosting creativity and supporting memory recall. Students of all ages discover an entirely new way of studying things and storing information for later recall and analysis.

Today's stress-filled, information overload lifestyle means many of us are plagued by short-term memory loss, foggy and confused thinking. Worse still is the epidemic of dementia and Alzheimer's which renders people to a life of darkness, confusion and loss of identity.

Incorporating called nootropics (compounds shown to support cognitive functions such as short term memory, abstract learning, ability to focus, and critical thinking), vitamins, amino acids and natural herbal extracts, Mind Power boosts oxygen flow to the brain, supporting increased dopamine and norepinephrine release, and electrical conduction of neuron activity, leading to improved mental and physical energy, and clarity.

Far safer than amphetamines like Adderall, Mind Power is particularly beneficial for children and adults experience attention disorders like ADD and ADHD.

This is one formula there is no debate about using. It is one all of us need every day for the enormous benefits it delivers.

Go ahead, activate your inner Einstein - and Fuel the Genius inside of You!

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Overall Customer Rating of 31 Reviews:

Mind Power

I have just completed taking my first bottle of Mind Power and I can already fill the difference.

Berlin, CT

Aaaaah, I can Breathe Now

Suffering from Asthma since 1974, and finding Wayne Garland's products in 1995, I have come to rely on his Respiratory Lung Health formula. I take this product regularly and by doing that, I take less of the steroid inhaler from my doctor. My goal is to completely replace doctor prescribed meds with Body as Doctor products!



Mind Power has been highly instrumental in the enhancement of my administrative & my teaching career duties, as well as workshop preparations & presentations. Even though I have retired, I am still concerned about my mental stability; therefore I continue to consume Mind Power especially during the preparation of Sunday school lessons and/or workshops. I also belief Mind Power will diminish my chances of becoming a victim of alzheimer. With unending gratitude do I extend to God for giving Wayne Garland & his Team the vision & wisdom to do the research & to be a partaker. To GOD BE the GLORY for the sharpness of my Mind Power thinking!

Nancy L. Blue.



Mind Power Works

I used Mind Power a little in the past but didn't really have the need nor did I follow up taking the suggested dosage. In July 2017 I experienced a small stroke. Over time I saw that my memory was not what it used to be so finally this year I started taking 4-5 capsules per day. It was amazing in the afternoons when I took Mind Power my memory was noticeably better than if I didn't take the supplement. I recommend this product - please take the recommended dosage.

New Jersey

Facts and Figures Mom

My Mother took Mind Power for many years. She amazed everyone with her incredible memory for dates, details and names. Recently she started to show signs of forgetting certain facts. Since she is now 86, I just thought maybe I was asking too much of the Mind Power. Then all of the sudden I had a thought and checked her supply. She ran out and had stopped taking it. So, I gave her a bottle of mine and ordered 5 more for her for Christmas.

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