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Fuel the Genius Inside You!

  • Do you walk into a room, and then forget what you wanted?
  • Need extra focus to study or concentrate?
  • Specially formulated with nootropics, vitamins, minerals and herbs to enhance cognitive function, memory recall, and creativity
  • Ideal for students, computer programmers, researchers and anyone who does volume thinking
  • Hear Wayne Garland explain the power behind the Mind Power formula in the audio below

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Mind Power is like turbo-charging your brain, enhancing cognitive function in healthy people, aiding your ability to think faster and clearer, while boosting creativity and supporting memory recall. Students of all ages discover an entirely new way of studying things and storing information for later recall and analysis.

Today's stress-filled, information overload lifestyle means many of us are plagued by short-term memory loss, foggy and confused thinking. Worse still is the epidemic of dementia and Alzheimer's which renders people to a life of darkness, confusion and loss of identity.

Incorporating called nootropics (compounds shown to support cognitive functions such as short term memory, abstract learning, ability to focus, and critical thinking), vitamins, amino acids and natural herbal extracts, Mind Power boosts oxygen flow to the brain, supporting increased dopamine and norepinephrine release, and electrical conduction of neuron activity, leading to improved mental and physical energy, and clarity.

Far safer than amphetamines like Adderall, Mind Power is particularly beneficial for children and adults experience attention disorders like ADD and ADHD.

This is one formula there is no debate about using. It is one all of us need every day for the enormous benefits it delivers.

Go ahead, activate your inner Einstein - and Fuel the Genius inside of You!

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Overall Customer Rating of 37 Reviews:

Wakes up your brain

This product is great to take before a long stressful meeting. I don't get the brain fatigue that I normally get without this product. My mind is also clearer and more focused. I still have mental energy left for my family.

Yonkers, NY

Mind Power

I love this product! As I am getting older, I have noticed that I can be more forgetful than in years past...well not since taking Mind Power! I am able to remember more and stay sharper longer! I highly recommend it!

The highways of America


I am a semi truck driver and it is very easy to be distracted and become fatigued. I take three Mind Power capsules, and I can actually feel my brain start to work in less than a half hour. I become highly alert and focus on my task at hand for the hours I need to drive and perform other duties involved with my profession. (Our hours to drive are up to 11 hours a day and other duties another 3 hours)
I also think more positively and am able to organize my day and business more simply.


Mind Power

I have only been taking Mind Power for two months but have noticed I am focusing much easily. I don't struggle to figure out "what am I doing next?" or "what did I come in here for?" Also, I have been recalling memories, names, things I know I had not been able to remember or recall. That has been a good feeling! Thanks for your products.


Mind Power

I truly have enjoyed the benefits of this product. I have been able to feel more confident in my concentration ability and in my recall of words when speaking. I will continue to take this product daily because it really does work!

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