Protein Plus Superfood is really 7 FABULOUS FORMULAS in 1!

  • 22 grams of non-GMO plant-based protein from Yellow Pea, Brown Rice, Hemp Seed and Sacha Inchi nut
  • Daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement
  • Meal replacement when blended with fruit as a smoothie
  • Blend of 12 freeze-dried vegetables and digestive enzymes
  • Omega 3/6 EFA's from Hemp seeds and Sacha Inchi nuts
  • Antioxidant protection with high-ORAC Chokeberry, Acai & Goji berries
  • SuperFoods Maca, Cordyceps mushroom and Green Tea extract

Sugar FREE, Gluten FREE, NON-GMO!

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Protein Plus Superfood is much more than a protein supplement - it is really 7 FABULOUS FORMULAS in 1!

Each serving contains a high fiber blend of 4 non-GMO plant protein powders, healthy Omega 3/6 fatty acids from hemp seed and sacha inchi nut, 12 vegetables, digestive enzymes, superfoods Maca, and high ORAC (antioxidant) fruits, and daily vitamins and minerals.

Protein Plus Superfood is ideal for anyone who otherwise would skip breakfast or lunch, or as a low calorie, mid-afternoon snack. This is a tremendous supplement for diabetics who need to monitor and maintain stable sugar levels. It is a wonderful addition for nursing mothers, and a superb recovery drink for athletes to rebuild muscle and lower inflammation after working out.

Naturally flavored with just a hint of vanilla, it tastes great mixed in water, fruit juice, Soy, Almond, Coconut or Hemp milks. Blend with fruits such as banana, strawberries, blackberries, etc. for a nutritious, filling smoothie.

Sugar FREE, Gluten FREE, NON-GMO!

Serving Size: 1 Level Scoop (~30.5 grams)
Servings Per Container: 30
Suggested Use: As a whole food supplement, mix 1 level scoop daily in 10-12 oz. of water, juice or milk alternatives Soy, Almond or Hemp milk and blend. If desired, add fruits and blend as a smoothie. Due to fiber content, make sure to drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day.

Overall Customer Rating of 18 Reviews:

Protein Plus

My whole family uses this protein powder. We love it because it's dairy free, mixes well into juice or nut milk and especially for its anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t have a fake sugar taste like many we’ve tried. My kids play sports and work out and love it as a post workout drink.

Protein Plus Superfood 7-in-1

Helps with sugar cravings. Great meal replacement!!

Orange Beach

Protein plus superfood

By far the best protein drink ever! This product has so many nutrients that help me make it through the day!

Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Protein Plus Superfood

I was pleasantly surprised how good this Protein Plus Superfood is. In the past, I had tried numerous items that tasted like chalk. This has a refreshing vanilla taste with no grit or chalkiness at all. Add some berries for a great kick to an already great tasting protein. I USE IT EVERYDAY!


The best protein powder

<p>I think this is the BEST protein powder on the market. Well worth my while to import it to Australia. I haven't found a more complete dairy-free product. A great start to the day in my morning smoothie or mixed into my breakfast cereal. Thank you Body As Doctor for such great products.</p>